Zee5’s Original Series Poison: This Thriller Series Shows Promise

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It looks like 2019 is the year ZEE5 becomes the leading streaming service in India and why wouldn’t it? Just the way they promised during their inception in the world of web, ZEE5 has consistently given some of the best regional content. They have stuck to their promise of providing good quality content, and you have to give them kudos for that. One of their upcoming web series, Poison – a ZEE5 original series is creating headlines for all the right reasons. Though we did not know a lot in the initial stage, after watching 2 trailers, one thing is for sure, ZEE5 is going to rule the world of web series with their originals.

The Trailer: Before we hop on to the elements that make this show the most promising one from ZEE5, let us look at some of the things we were able to crack down from the trailer. First of all, it looks like a revenge story which is very evident from the first words you hear as soon as the trailer starts which is “Revenge, Badla”. From that point on, you can see some brutal murders and some glimpse of the underworld, making it a perfect watch for those who love movies like Gangs of Wasseypur. Also, the description of the trailer reads “Forgive your enemies, but first destroy them!”, indicating the things we can expect from the series. At least for now, this web series looks more than promising.


The Tone: As mentioned earlier Poison has a very dark tone to it. Though it is not something you can watch with your kids, it will definitely cater to the crime lovers among us. From smuggling drugs to a revenge story, it looks like it has everything in it. The colour pallet of Poison gives it more of a foreign web series vibe, getting our expectations even higher. And lastly, Kudos to the cinematographer for capturing these dark elements in the most intriguing way possible.

The Cast: Apart from the dark tone, Poison also has one of the best cast, and crew one can find in the world of web series, making it one of the strongest suits of this upcoming web series. One of the greatest actors of Bollywood Arbaaz Khan is doing debuting into the world of web series with this forthcoming thriller series. You can also see some other great actors like Raj Zutshi, Ayub Khan, Anchal Singh, Bikramjeet Kanwarpal, Tanuj Virwani and many more.

The Mystery: Although the trailer helped us figure out what genre this upcoming web series falls under, we still could not find everything about Poison. It looks like the story is set in the backdrops of Goa. Arbaaz Khan is playing the role of a righteous cop who is trying to bring down the drug business. Though the other aspects are pretty grey, there is no denying that this itself is enough to get one hooked.

After watching both the trailers, this is for sure, Poison is going to be an edge-of-the-seat thriller. The proof of that can be seen in the trailer itself. We are all in for Poison, what about you? What do you think about Poison? Are you excited to see Arbaaz Khan enter the world of web series? Let us know in the comment section.

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