Recently, it was known that Zareen Khan was mistreated by mob during the promotion of Aksar 2 and filmmakers did not bother about her security. The actress revealed that she was nearly molested while Aksar 2 makers just sat and drank beer in front of her. However, when enquired about the incident, makers said that Zareen Khan Khan had put the directors in trouble for many time and also made them suffer loses.

After strong allegations made by Zareen Khan, filmmaker reacted about the incident and said,

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“Zareen Khan and her team approved the entire tour schedule provided to them two days before the departure. She backed out of all her commitments leaving aside the press conference and a sponsor visit. She did not even complete a day of promotions, which troubled the makers to a point where they had to compensate a huge amount of money and were harassed and threatened till the wee hours of the morning. The bit about her almost getting molested, is absolutely untrue, as she left the venue throwing tantrums arguing with the sponsors as she did not want to stay or eat there. She left with four bodyguards and her manager in tow. She sat in the sponsor’s car who she had shouted on and had an argument with.  The sponsor withheld the key of the car, but the makers arranged for another car and sent her and her team to the hotel safely, after which she left for Mumbai without informing the makers. This is not the first time that Zareen has troubled the filmmakers. She has put them in a fix many a times and made them suffer losses.”

Zareen Khan said that every time there were arguments between the directors and the actress. The directors wanted Zareen Khan to wear minimal clothes which led to frequent clashes between the actress and the director. Talking about getting molested during the recent event, Zareen Khan said she was not molested but she was nearly molested. The crowd came so close to her that she was on the verge of getting molested.

Clarifying the incident, she said,

“The security was minimal and the crowd came very close to me on the road. Now who says that I was molested as their messages read? I was on the verge of being molested. I could have been molested. Somehow I told the security guards to give me their car to reach the hotel. And mind you, the security was hardly any. I reach the hotel and this so-called producer Bajaj comes and demands to know that who will pay the sponsors because I did not fulfill my assignment to the end? As I said I was not even told what I was supposed to do, leave aside if I was comfortable doing that or not – so how could I fulfill?” she asked.


She ended the conversation by saying she worked hard for the movie but she was ill-treated by the directors. The scenes were shot in such a way that instead of looking sensual, they appeared vulgar on the screens.

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