YouTube Has Got 180 Million Mobile Phone Viewers in India

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It has been an age when online streaming sites have seen their business swelling up incredibly. And that has a lot of things to do with the new generation of young users who prefer to use their smartphones to find a video. One of the highest gainers of this modern trend has definitely been YouTube, if the not the highest one, and of late they have come up with the info stating it things are getting much better for them.

YouTube has got as many as 180 million mobile phone users in India

Since coming out on the market way back in the year 2005, the US-based video sharing website has never looked back, and its users are increasing with every passing minute. Such has been the success of YouTube. Even in India, things are looking really bright for YouTube as recently they came up with the information that as many as 180 million people in India use YouTube on their smartphones. Including these 180 million YouTubers on mobile phones, the video streaming site has got 300 million users in India. And with every passing day, the numbers are getting much better.

In a statement, David Powell has come up with the remarks that, “We’re seeing more hunger for YouTube content across all genres. In 2016, we saw over 500 creators across India get over 100k subscribers.” David Powell is the Director of Online Partnerships and Development of YouTube, APAC. And getting inspired with such a rise in the popularity of YouTube, they are also planning to make things even better. He added, “We will ramp up our efforts in creator community events across the country with a big focus on the south of India.” They will keep on putting the focus on the creators as they have done in their recent campaign titled #SeeSomethingNew.

Statistically speaking, the usage of YouTube on mobile phones has swelled from 55 percent to 80 percent over the last year. And the time span of watching videos on the online website is increasing at a 400 percent from year to year. These minute details were brought to the fore by YouTube when the fourth edition of the ‘Youtube Fanfesta’ took place recently.

As things stand now, things are really looking great for YouTube. And with the increasing facilities that the mobile internet service providers are coming with for the consumers, it is bound to reach new heights.

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