Youtube Go: A Revolutionary Offline App by Google

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Youtube Go

When it comes to watching a video online, one of the main concern of users is the amount of data that they are willing to spend on a particular video streaming. Google has therefore come up with Youtube Go, which is basically an application that will allow the user to watch the video offline, thereby saving the cost of internet data. The most interesting fact about this application is that, itis made exclusively for the users in India. Apart from that, this application is known to work efficiently even in areas where the connectivity is restricted. The launch of this application has been planned in the coming month, and one can say that everyone is eager to hit the download button, to avail the benefits of the app.

Youtube Go

The unique features of this application Youtube Go by Google include the ability to save videos offline, apart from informing the users about the amount of data that would be used for saving the video.It will even show the size and quality of the chosen video. This app even allows the user to share the saved video via Bluetooth without the need of internet. Such attractive features make it obvious that users will be eager to try out this application, as soon as it is available on sites for download.

Even though Youtube has previously made an effort to increase the number of users with the introduction of the offline mode, where the users get the opportunity to save a video for later. It has been reported that saving the cost of data is just not enough, thereby making Youtube Go one of the most anticipated and innovative apps that include features that would attract users in vast numbers. Thus, the users based in India can go for an app test and find out about the functions and advantages of using it.

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