Young Dolph Shot On Hollywood Boulevard; Left Dripping With Blood

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Rapper Young Blood was shot on Tuesday afternoon by an unknown number of assailants outside a Shoe Palace in Los Angeles. The incident happened on North Highland Avenue, one of the busiest shopping districts in Los Angeles. The call for the shooting came around 1:25 p.m. according to the police. The police also said that his condition was critical. There were no reports about how many times he was shot. After the shooting started, he was seen running into the Shoe Palace with blood dripping all over the floor, leaving a trail.

The 32-year-old Chicago-born rapper, originally named Adolf Thornton Jr., was seen earlier during the day with fellow rap star Yo Gotti. Yo Gotti has been named as a person of interest in the case by the LAPD. They believe that the Young Blood had a falling out with Yo Gotti. Earlier, the police reported that the suspects were seen fleeing in a gold Cadillac Escalade but the car was found abandoned at a nearby gas station. While two suspects have been detained by the Los Angeles Police Department, at least two other suspects are still believed to be at large as of Tuesday night. Yo Gotti is not among the ones detained. Detective Meghan Aguilar of the LAPD said that Young Dolph was confronted by the men which led to a physical fight.


This is the second public shooting incident which involved Young Dolph. He barely escaped injury the last time when his 4×4 was sprayed with over a 100 bullets in March in Charlotte, North Carolina. Hollywood Boulevard is home to many busy shopper’s stops but the area has been sealed off by the police. It is unclear when the police will reopen the area and there are warnings of traffic delays in the area. Detective Aguilar added that Young Dolph might have been knocked down by the assailants, one of them pulling out a handgun and shooting him.

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