You Need to Read This about Installing a Fence!

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Being able to purchase appliances for your own home is very special. You can look at them, give yourself a congratulatory high five and quip, “I did that!” It is the same excitement you feel when you install your own fence. If you love working in the outdoors, here is your big break!

If you have taken a small break to install your fence, you need to read these tips. It would also be a good idea to look up AAA fencing or other fencing sites for additional pointers. You do not want to extend your off to start all over again because of sloppy work.

  1. It has to set before it seals.

You are installing a wooden fence. Once the installation is done, let it set. The moisture that the manufacturer applies to the fence will not work well with the stain product if you apply it too soon. In order for the fence to last longer, stain it or apply clear wood preservatives.

  1. Solid hinges

Do not undersize your hinges. Building a gate with undersized hinges will not do at all. Consider if the gate you have is pressure treated. This can make the gate quite heavy. During rainy days, wood drinks up water and gets even heavier.

This means that the hinges need to be very strong to withstand all the weight. Therefore, make sure the posts are as deep as possible and pile on the cement to ensure that the hinges are the right size and can support the weight of the gate.

  1. Elevation

Stepping the fence can be tricky and you need to be quite careful if you find that you have to do it. If you must change elevation, you must be meticulous. Set a section at one height, then carry on in the same way as you go along.

  1. The pretty side faces the neighbours

Peace amongst neighbours cannot be exaggerated. You cannot emphasize this enough. Giving the neighbours the ugly side of the fence is not going to get you casserole and cookies on your doorstep. Let the uglyside face you. You can smile at it every day and give a cheery wave as you leave.

  1. The distance between your sections should not be exaggerated

The sections are usually between 6 and 8 feet in length. If you set them more than 8 feet apart, the section is not supported and you leave it vulnerable to destruction by the wind. Then your fence will come crumbling down to the delight of spectators.

  1. You must sink the posts straight.

What you should take into consideration above all else are the posts and the sections. The posts should be at least two feet in the ground. Check with the law before you go farther than two feet. It is never a good picture when you are served and fined.

Arming yourself with sufficient information is necessary for a stellar installation job and you should check out as many sites dealing with fencing, like AAA fencing and others, in order get as much help as possible in the form of pointers and advice for a good job.

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