Yogi Adityanath’s Strict Orders to Ban Gutka & Pan Masala

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Yogi Adityanath’s

He has been the center of the controversies for a long time, even before the #UP Election 2017 no one could ever think that someone like Yogi Adityanath was gonna be selected as the chief minister of that state. Selection of Yogi Adityanath as the chief minister was an eye stroking decision, and the orders he has given after sitting in the chairare also quite bold.

Bans on Pan Masala and Gutka in Government Offices

No one can think a public place without the sign of spitting of gutka or pan masala in Uttar Pradesh! But an expected ban comes on the people who have been used to chewing gutka and pan masala in the Govt. buildings! If anyone is found to do so, a fine of Rs. 10000 will be imposed along with imprisonmentof six months- Difficult yet a bold decision, no doubt!

Swift Actions in the cases of molestation

Again a ground shaking order, especially for the Police Department. The order is to take actions for the pending molestation cases ASAP and take the culprits into police custody immediately. A step forward towards #Sushasan.

Anti Romeo Squads

Selected personnel from city police departments are chosen to drive the operations against eve teasing. Within 24 hours of the operation, 2 youths have been arrested as they could not explain why they stand out of a Girl’s School. The squad fanned out to check the incidents of eve teasings and you can find them everywhere from markets, malls, to schools, collegesetc.

Appointmentsby UP SSC banned

To investigate the large-scale irregularities Yogi Adityanath ordered to cancel all the appointments through UP SSC till further order.

More to see yet, stay tuned.

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