Yes, Your Bra Comes With An Expiry Date And Here Are The 5 Signs You Must Watch For

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Finding a perfectly fitting, comfortable and feel-so-good bra is a herculean task and once you get one the feeling is so satisfying that you never wanna lose it. But, the cruel reality is that your oh-so-comfy & precious bra comes with an expiry date. Yes, the comfy, dependable and confidence booster bra has a shelf life and you have to retire it post this.

The thumb rule is that you must replace your bra that is one year old. But most of us ignore this and make our bras live much after their expiration date. You need to change your bras with every change in your body otherwise you are calling some serious health concerns. So, to ensure that you stay safe with your lovely bras here are 5 signs that you must watch for:

1.The Falling Off Straps

If while amid a meeting you suddenly feel that the strap of your bra has rolled off your shoulder what would you do except being embarrassed? You need to rescue the falling strap without coming to the notice of anyone. No matter how much you adjust they come off peeking out of your sleeves, this is the first sign you need a change.

2.The Spilling Over

As the days pass, your body shape and size changes. You may get thin or put on some weight; in the latter case you are uncomfortable and spilling all over. The spillage may distort your body shape. If you see bulges or spillage on your bust area, change the bra immediately.

3.The Last Hook Fits You

The perfect fit of a bra is the first hook. If you are on your last hook this means that it is time to retire your bra. After a certain age, your bras get old and loose. The same way, you need to check if your bra is too tight.

4.The Continuously Poking Underwire

The underwire must be a trusted thing. You need to feel comfortable not disturbed with the bra underwire. So if it is out poking you, you need to look for a change.

5.The Elastic Is No More Bouncy

As per the experts, your bra needs resting time and you must not wear one bra for two days at a stretch. If you do so, the elastic becomes loose. So, if the elastic of your bra is not holding things at the place, you need a change.

These are the 5 signs you need to watch for while you deal with your lovey Dovey bra every day. Retire it as soon as possible when you start feeling any of these.

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