Xiaomi will release its new VR Headset on August 4

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VR Headset

Xiaomi is likely to release new hardware for its first ever VR system soon. According to earlier reports, the releasewas said to be slated for August 1; but the date has now been postponed until Thursday, August, 4 (that is, tomorrow). While the device is expected to see an international release soon enough, China will be the country for its debut launch.


The product that Xiaomi will be launching to mark their foray into virtual reality will be a VR Headset. The company had been teasing the product for quite some time, and it has finallyreleased the first trailer of the much-awaited device on its Chinese website, which offers us a peek into what to expect from the upcoming launch. Newer videos are soon to surface prior to the launch, according to reports.

The new headset will be in compliance with the standards of Google‘s Daydream platform. Earlier, during the announcement of their ambitious VR project, Google had named a handful of partners who were to make the hardware units compatible with their VR platform; Xiaomi was one such name. During the announcement, Google had also laid down certain rules and specifications for the hardware makers to help maintain the quality of VR experience that they wanted to offer.

Xiaomi’s will be the first VR headset to support the Daydream project. However, Daydream supported VR headsets will also require a smartphone that will be compatible with the Daydream platform. Older smartphones are certainly not going to work with the system and as of now, only the Nexus 6P appears to be the single device compatible with the system that requires a phone running on Android Nougat with VR mode.

However, with phone manufacturers ready to release a plethora of devices in the near future, we can be sure to seemore of these smartphones with the Daydream support. Moreover, with Xiaomi, though still relatively new, getting ahead in the battle of the smartphones with its exciting line-up of projects, they can probably be expected to come up with their ownsmartphone to go with the headset pretty soon.

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