Xbox One S vs Xbox One : Which Gaming Console To Buy?

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Xbox One S vs Xbox One

Gaming consoles have been a talking point among gaming enthusiasts especially with the introduction of the latest consoles from the gaming powerhouses like Sony and Nintendo. But Microsoft seems to have stolen the thunder from the rest of them with their latest Xbox One S. Now, the Xbox One S is the premium version of the Xbox One which was launched by Microsoft back in 2014.

Now, the tech giants have announced their launch of their two upcoming functions with Project Scorpio being the flagship console and the Xbox One S being the one which will be launched earlier. There have been many significant changes incorporated in the latest Xbox One S from the Xbox. Let’s have a look at how the two consoles differ in terms of specifications and functionality.

Xbox One S vs Xbox One Specification Comparison

Xbox One S


The new Xbox One S is slimmer and more compact compared to the Xbox One, Microsoft’s previous console.

Like the Xbox One, the One S’s has a two face design. One-half of the device has a single solid texture and matte finish, the other half is patterned. However, the big difference comes in the size of the new Xbox One which is not only slimmer but a more compact console with Microsoft having shed almost 40 percent of the body mass from its previous product leading to the latest console being almost half the size of its immediate predecessors.


The Xbox One S has brought in the very thing, it’s predecessor, the Xbox One lacked, it being 4K capability. The latest console from Microsoft has the ability to stream 4K Ultra HD content from services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video and can also support 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray playback. 4K HDR content support does mean that the video played on the console will have a definite higher dynamic range in addition to the sharper resolution.

The Xbox One S has a built-in IR blaster which enables which is going to enable users to switch on theirTV, audio receiver or satellite receiver without the hassle of hunting for their remote controls.


The gamepad launched with the Xbox One S bears similar functionality to its predecessor but is slimmer and has twice the amount of range.

Microsoft’s Xbox controllers have been a firm favourite among the hardcore gamers with the products being the most widely used gamepads today. And the Xbox One S’s controller seems to make things even better with the slightest of tweaks added to it. The latest Xbox One S controller is sleeker to its predecessor and Microsoft claims that the new gamepad has twice the range compared to the previous one.


The current Xbox One is now available at a price of £230 and quite predictably, the Xbox One S is the much pricier variant as of now. The 2TB launch edition of the Xbox One S is available now for £349 while  500GB and 1TB versions of the console are soon to follow priced at £249 and £299 respectively.

So, XBox One S or Xbox One : Which One to buy?

If a high-end 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player is already on your wishlist, we would definitely recommend the latest from Microsoft , the Xbox One S to be your pick. The new console is not only a compact version of the Xbox One in terms of size, the hard drives space (With the mammoth 2TB variant) and internal functionality of the Xbox One S makes it stand out from its predecessor.

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