Xbox 2 (Two) Release Date, Specs and Features, Price, Rumors and News

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Xbox 2

Xbox 2 Release Date: Microsoft has been in the news for all the news and updates regarding the smartphones and the tablets that have kept on coming for quite a while now. But what has grabbed the attention of tech enthusiast across the world is the Xbox Two. It has been quite some time that folks across the world have already begun discussing what the features of the Xbox 2 could be.

Xbox 2 Release Date
The Xbox Two is definitely under development and we can expect an official announcement on this very shortly

Xbox 2 Release Date: When is it?

The Xbox One came out in the year 2013 which is after a gap of almost 8 years since the arrival of the Xbox 360 in the year 2005. So it can be expected that there will be a considerable gap between the release of the Xbox One and Xbox Two. And it is revealed that the Xbox 2 Release Date could happen in the year 2018. It might get delayed even to 2019 as nothing has been mention by the developers Microsoft regarding the official release date of the device. But one thing is for sure there is a Xbox Two being designed the developers Microsoft.

Xbox 2 Features (The Best is Yet to Come)

It is expected that the Xbox Two is definitely going to be more efficient than the previous editions of the gaming console from Microsoft. And one thing that will feature in the Xbox 2 for sure is the virtual reality. All the games that are reported to be released in the later part of the year 2017 are expected to be coming out in virtual reality. So it won’t be too much of a surprise if the gaming console from Microsoft comes out with virtual reality. Also, it is supposed to be supporting the 4K resolution as well. This will not only make the device a powerful gaming console but a strong competitor to other products like the PS5 as well.

It is reported that the Xbox Two is also going to feature AMD SoCs which will make the gaming console all the more efficient as far as support for the optical resolution is concerned. Also, the Xbox One has an 8 GB LPDDR3 RAM. And it is expected that the upcoming gaming console is going to sport e better RAM which is going to make the device even faster. Maybe the RAM could be set at 16 GB perhaps.

Regarding the internal memory, it can be expected that the Xbox Two is going to be revamped a bit. The Xbox One S came out on the market in three variants. The basic one has got a 500 GB internal memory, while the other two are available with an internal memory of 1 TB and 2 TB respectively. So it can be expected that the Xbox Two is definitely going to come out with more internal memory. The basic variant might have a 2 TB internal memory, and the other variants might have even more internal storage.

As one of the reports regarding the Xbox Two in the website, Techvicity reports that the gaming console might come with 4K Blu-Ray support. Also, there are reports that this gaming console will come with a backwards compatibility support as well.

Xbox Two Price

With all the new features set to come in it is expected that the upcoming gaming console from Microsoft will come out with a higher price. As per reports, the Xbox Two gaming console from Microsoft could come out with a price tag of $430 or even more, depending on the internal memory of the device. It could well be up to $630. But as it seems the price won’t be too much of a problem as gamers across the world will be able to get an incredible experience while playing video games on the Xbox 2 from Microsoft.

By the looks of it, Xbox 2 is going to be a major step up from its predecessor and something, the whole of the gaming industry is looking forward too. Technology is changing in such a rapid pace that by the time Xbox 2 arrives, it’ll be way ahead of the last console in the series and will definitely rank top in the buying list for several gaming enthusiasts. The console is going t be lighter and more compact, almost 40% than the original Xbox. Like we’ve pointed above, it’ll either ramp up its internal memory or incorporate 3D stacked RAM. It is likely to be more powerful than its rival Sony and might sport larger hard drive capacity. Looks like Xbox 2 is gonna give you the bang for the buck.

As it stands now, there are a number of months to go before an announcement regarding the Xbox two from Microsoft. So there are possibilities that more updated hardware will feature in the device. And all that have been stated are out of speculations. But one thing is for sure; the Xbox 2 is definitely going to be incredible and give other gaming consoles a run for their money.

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