WWE superstar Ryback is on the verge of joining TNA

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WWE superstar

The contract dispute between WWE and the former Intercontinental Champion, Ryback has taken a new turn. Over the last couple of weeks, Ryback is complaining about the winner of a certain match is paid more than the wrestler who loses. The 34-year old wrestler from Las Vegas asked for equal payment for all the participants in a match and demanded a change in the contract which WWE denied.

Ryback to join TNA soon

So due to these fuming controversies, Ryback was sent back home during RAW after WWE Payback pay-per-view. The situation turned fan’s attention and sympathy as the wrestler was featured in a 20 men Battle Royal to determine the ” Numero Uno” contender for United States Championship on that RAW and Ryback could not turn up for the match.

WWE superstar

From that moment on, Ryback has given hints on his social media accounts to leave WWE, where he has worked for more than 10 years. A few days earlier, some rumors were blowing in the air that the dispute between Ryback and WWE has been settled, but later it was revealed that the World Wrestling Organization is not keen anymore to Ryback work for them anymore, and has decided to let the wrestler’s contract to expire without any means of negotiation.

So, this move from the wrestling organization has clearly indicated that Ryback is going to leave WWE soon. The famous website of the wrestling world, Allwrestlingnews.com makes stresses on the fact that during WWE Extreme Rules pre-show the wrestler has given hints on his micro-blogging website, Twitter regarding joining TNA, which has also been aired on the Pop TV. TNA, one of the biggest rivals of WWE and a parallel wrestling organization is currently suffering both from the financial and popularity issues, will get a big boost from Ryback’s joining and the aura & star-power of Ryback may increase their fan-base too.

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