WWE Smackdown Live Preview, Rumor, Match Card: 7th February, 2017

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WWE Smackdown Live Preview: We are slowly approaching the WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 which has been announced to be the WWE Smackdown PPV. And as we approach the final edition of WWE Smackdown before the WWE Elimination Chamber 2017, we can expect a lot of things to happen on tonight’s show. As we build up to that show, we bring forward all the probable match card for WWE Smackdown on February 7 along with the live preview and rumors that are making rounds among the fans.

WWE Smackdown Live Rumor and Match Card: 7th February2017

There have been some clear indications that AJ Styles was not happy with the way the Elimination Chamber match was booked by Shane McMahon which has opened avenues for a possible feud between AJ Styles and Shane McMahon. The WWE rumors have it that even if Shane McMahon does take part in that conflict, he might get someone to fight for him against Styles and it could well be The Undertaker. So to keep an eye all this development we have to keep on waiting for tonight’s show of WWE Smackdown to go live.

With the Elimination Chamber looming large there are chances that we might come across a competitor for Dean Ambrose in the Inter-Continental Championship. And this could well serve as the perfect build-up toAmbrose’s match in the Elimination Chamber. The potential competitor will also perhaps be revealed on tonight’s WWE Smackdown Live show. Along with that, we can expect John Cena and Randy Orton to grace the stage tonight with only a few days to go before Sunday’s pay-per-view show.

Naomi vs Alexa Bliss WWE Smackdown Live
Naomi has been projected as the new face of women’s championship in the WWE Smackdown

The women’s section in the WWE Smackdown is interestingly poised with Naomi slowly gaining prominence, and the Elimination Chamber encounter with Alexa Bliss is evidently one of thebold steps that WWE has taken in recent times in order to develop a new face in the women’s section of the WWE Smackdown. So certainly there is going to be something involving Naomi on tonight’s show which might not be as significant as it was in the last week, but none-the-less there will definitely be something on that plot.

The tag team championship in WWE Smackdown is also going to be one of the things to watch out for on tonight’s show of the WWE Smackdown. A chaotic situation is on the cards when the multi-tag team kicks off, and we might get a proper build up to that as well. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will have to defend their title in that encounter that will involve five other tag teams.

WWE Smackdown Live 7th February 2017: Telecast Details

The action on tonight’s WWE Smackdown will be telecasted live in India from 06:30 AM IST (next day) and the repeat telecast will be aired tomorrow on Ten 1 at 5 PM IST and 10 PM IST. The show will be held at Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. The live streaming of the show will be available on Ten Sports Live. In the USA, the show will kick off at 08:00 PM EST which will be telecasted live on USA Network TV Channel. The live streaming will be available on USA Network Live.

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