WWE Smackdown Live Preview, Rumor, Match Card: 29th November, 2016

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We are approaching the end of the November, and the stage is set for the news and rumours about who is going to make an appearance in the WWE Royal Rumble 2017. But amidst all the buzz that has been created regarding this event, WWE Smackdown is going on in its full flow. And with yet another Tuesday coming in we bring forward the WWE Smackdown live preview, rumours and the match card.

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WWE Smackdown Live Rumour and Match Card: 29th November 2016

With one episode of WWE Smackdown getting over since the WWE Survivor Series 2016 and the WWE Royal Rumble in the pipeline, we are back with all the tensions and action-packed Tuesday night show yet again. Like any other week, there won’t be any lack of excitement on the Tuesday night encounters that are going to take place inside the ring.

What is going to be the most interesting section of tonight’s WWE Smackdown show is the build up to the TLC. There have been already a number of matches lined up for the TLC, but many are yet to be determined which makes it very much interesting at the moment. The Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles clash in the TLC is somewhat confirmed, and it remains to be seen who else makes the cut for the TLC. And it could well be the build up to The Miz and Dolph Ziggler encounter in a ladder match and this week’s event could well be the right place to create the buzz within the fans. Also the Baron Corbin–Kalisto Chair match is also going to be promoted perhaps on the WWE Smackdown show tonight.

Also remains to be seen whether there is any action taken against Dean Ambrose by Shane McMahon for all that has happened till now. He has already been punished once by Shane McMahon for breaking the rules and with his alleged contribution behind James Ellsworth’s victory over AJ Styles in the ladder match could well see him getting punished yet again. All eyes will be glued to the ring to observe what is actually going to happen. Also side by side there will be actions related to the Ambrose Asylum. It remains to be seen in today’s WWE Smackdown show which way this episode of the Ambrose Asylum is going to move. And this is going to be the first appearance of James Ellsworth since winning a new contract from Shane McMahon.

Besides this, if we keep an eye on the women’s section there are also some mouth-watering encounters lined up. If Sasha Banks versus Charlotte encounter grabbed the attention on WWE Raw, on Tuesday night we could be well in for yet another humdinger. The encounter between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch scheduled for the TLC has already grabbed the attention of the fans and what it really needs at the moment is a proper build up. Tonight’s WWE Smackdown show could well be the perfect for the feud to get kindled yet again.

WWE Smackdown Live 29th November 2016: Telecast Details

The show will begin on 5.30 AM IST and will be telecasted on Ten 2. The live streaming will also be available on Ten 2 network. The Talking Smack show will follow the main show at 7.30 AM which will also be telecasted on Ten 2. A repeat telecast of the action will be aired on Ten 1 at 5 PM IST and 10 PM IST. In the USA the show will begin at 8 PM ET and 5 PM ET.

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