WWE Smackdown Live Preview, Rumor, Match Card: 22nd November, 2016

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WWE Smackdown

We are all set for yet another Tuesday night encounter in the WWE Smackdown, one of WWE‘s most watched show across the world. With the WWE Survivor Series coming to an end on Sunday, the focus will once again shift to the second longest running weekly episodic program in the United States of America. And like every other week we can expect a lot surprises on the WWE Smackdown Tuesday night show. And as we build up to that we bring forward a live preview and rumour of what is going to happen in the WWE Smackdown tonight.

WWE Smackdown Live Rumour and Match Card: 22nd November 2016

With the conclusion of WWE Survivor Series, 2016 things are expected to be getting back to normal conditions in the WWE Smackdown tonight. And the first of all that is going to hog the limelight is the tag team clash. The Smackdown team lost out to the Raw in the tag team competition in the recently concluded WWE Survivor Series 2016. But there were participants from the WWE Smackdown team which have grabbed the attention of the viewers for some intense shows. And tonight we can expect the tag teams in WWE Smackdown to fight it out among themselves for the gold. It is supposed that The Usos are the frontrunners as far as the possible winners are concerned. The American Alpha could be a possible strong contender for the gold that all these tag teams will be fighting for. If any other team manages to win, it is going to be a real surprise.

Today’s WWE Smackdown could provide a much-awaited update on the news of Shane McMahon who got injured seriously by a sudden spear attack from Roman Reigns. Shane was found to be down and was later found out to be surrounded by doctors. And we all expect an update on the injury that he has sustained. Also, the viewers are expecting some sort of an update regarding Randy Orton and the subsequent development regarding the Wyatt family in WWE Smackdown. This is because the Wyatt family has already created a real buzz with a stellar performance in the WWE Survivor Series.

The Undertaker is expected to be making an appearance yet again

Another serious plot of the Tuesday night WWE Smackdown show is going to be the update on the relationship between AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose. Dean can partially accuse AJ Styles for getting eliminated from the WWE Survivor Series, and it remains to be seen how it turns out in the near future. It is believed that the Ambrose – Styles conflict is going to grab a lot of attention tonight at the WWE Smackdown. Another thing on which we want to know more about is an update on The Undertaker. Going by the rumours, The Undertaker made a comeback to the ring in the 900th episode of the WWE Smackdown, and it remains to be seen what goes on to happen in the near future. Whatever happens, whether he makes a full-fledged comeback in the WWE Smackdown or not, the viewers will be eager to know that.

WWE Smackdown Live 22nd November 2016: Telecast Details

The WWE Smackdown Tuesday night show will begin on 5.30 AM IST, and live streaming will be available on Ten 2 Network. The Talking Smack show will follow the main show at 7.30 AM which will also be telecasted on Ten 2. A repeat telecast of the action will be aired on Ten 1 at 5 PM IST and 10 PM IST. In the USA the show will begin at 8 PM ET and 5 PM ET.

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