WWE Rumours: Hulk Hogan is All Set to Make a Return on Wrestlemania 33

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WWE Rumours

The world of freestyle wrestling is all set to witness a historic moment as rumours are suggesting that all-time favourite Hulk Hogan is going to make a comeback in the world of freestyle wrestling. It has become a part of the WWE rumours for quite some time now that the veteran will appear on the scenes during Wrestlemania 33.

Although quite some time remains before the Wrestlemania 33, fans are already gearing up for a thrilling season ahead. And what more could the fans in the world of freestyle wrestling have expected! Hulk Hogan, one of the best wrestlers and a legend in the circuit, is donning the headlines for a comeback to the thick of the action. And speculations even got stronger when Hulk Hogan’s daughter’s comments came out in the market regarding a possible comeback of the talismanic ringmaster. When asked about the reports of his father making a comeback in Wrestlemania by a TMZ photographer she replied, “I’ll just I know that people have been calling him for… Wrestlemania.” These words intensify the likelihood of Hogan making a comeback into the fray.

Also, WrestlingNewsWorld.com has reported, “Vince McMahon is indeed interested in bringing Hulk Hogan back into the fold. We’ve been reporting for months the company has been slowly warming back to Hogan to bring him back in order to help market the WWE Network to the lapsed fan.” This excerpt once again boosts the speculations of Hogan making a return.

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Previously Hulk Hogan was removed from the fray by WWE authority following a case with Gawker. But with the legal ties being brought to an end, things are looking brighter. He got in a tangle with Gawker for allegedly having a made a racial abuse towards his daughter’s boyfriend. However, Hogan dismissed that claim and in the current scenario is free from all sorts of legal trouble. This paves the way for a smooth comeback into the WWE. Also, WWE has been making promotions involving footages of Hulk Hogan’s previous performances in the ring for quite a while now, thus making the WWE Rumors of Hogan’s return very much plausible.

However, what role he is going to get is not quite sure. As reports suggest, he might be engaged to host the event or perhaps as an ambassador. He played a similar kind of a role in Wrestlemania 30 when he featured in a great in-ring celebration along with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. This role might suit him very much owing to the fact that he is 63 years old now and has undergone a number of hip and back surgeries.

As of now, it can be said that it’s going to be really exciting if WWE Rumors of Hulk Hogan making a comeback in the field of wrestling becomes true. For more updates and news stay tuned to our website.

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