WWE RAW women’s champion Alexa Bliss has a special advice for Kavita Devi

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The RAW Women’s champion Alexa Bliss may have her hands full facing off against SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte at Survivor Series 2017 this coming Sunday, but she is excited about her first trip to India slated for 9th December later this year, and she wants the fans to be in full force during the live event. She also has a special message for Kavita Devi, India’s first women wrestler to be part of the WWE.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Have you ever been to India before and what are your expectations from the tour?

I have not been to India. I have seen pictures and stuff and I am really excited to discover it myself. I think it is just going to new place really, and the excitement to see how fans react. You know each place we go, fans react differently.

India has the largest WWE fan base on social media. How do they reach out to you on social?

For sure on twitter, they always mention they are from India. I actually get a lot of fan-made pictures from India and that is really cool.

Kavita Devi has got a development contract with the WWE. What is your advice for her?

That it is a process; everyone starts from the bottom and has to work their way up. It is not a sprint, it is marathon and that’s what Sara Amato (Assistant Head Coach at NXT) always says. It is very tough, tough schedule, tough life. It’s a ‘Groundhog Day’ and you have to go through it. You have to realise why are you doing this and just learn the process, respect the process and love the process.

You feel you still learning?

I learn every day, absolutely. There is so much I need to learn a lot, but for now I am just trying to get by.

How to you keep pushing yourself?

On live events, it is always the place to try things. You know it’s all trial and error. Wrestling is always about crowd interaction, how you feel, how to make the audience react and every day is a learning process. Because something that works with one fan base may not work with the other one and so I try to use a lot of time in live event to try different things, see what works and what doesn’t and it is always a learning process, you never know everything.

    What can fans in India expect from the event?

    There will be a lot of fan interactions, live action and it is going to lot of fun. It is a family event and you know the fact like we get to really take in the moment with the fans that we don’t get to do on TV is really cool and I really like that.

    What is your message to fans in India ahead of the show?

    Bring all your energy because we are going to need it. It is a lot of fun and we are excited to be there and we want to know that they are also excited.

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