World’s Most Expensive Set of Car Tyres Sold: Check How Much it worth?

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Car Tyres

We have come across many bizarre creations around the world and this time it is Car Tyres. Yes! The World’s most expensive car tyres is sold in Abu Dhabi for $600,000; which is around four crore Indian rupees. An Italian artisan jeweller decorated the set of tyres with selected diamonds and 24-carat gold. The Dubai-based company called Z Tyres presented the tyres at an event. Surprisingly, with that amount of money one can buy Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Aventador. But you know when it is in Dubai, they will always find a buyer for it.

The same craftsman who helped to create new presidential palace in Abu Dhabi, has designed the world’s most expensive tyres. What the company has to say about it? Check Here: “With the special set of four tyres recently sold for $600,000, Guinness World Records has independently valued and duly recognised them as the ‘World’s Most Expensive Set of Car Tyres.”


Picture Source: CarDekho

The best part is yet to come. The Tyres made by the Z Tyres company have secured its place in the Guinness Book of World Records for its insane high price.

Another thing is that Z Tyres will not take a penny from profit money as the company has decided to donate all the money to Zenises Foundation. The foundation works for the development and improvement of global education.

Well, The Z tyre haven’t yet found a buyer but it will surely be in someone’s exotic collection of expensive things. You know Dubai right? The rich people don’t think twice to spend their money in a bizarre way sometimes apart from business.

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