World Chess Championship 2016: Magnus Carlsen Holds on to the Crown Beating Sergey Karjakin

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World Chess Championship 2016

All the speculations finally came to an end as Magnus Carlsen held on his World Chess Championship Title. After some tense rounds, the tie in the World Chess Championship2016 finally got broken with Carlsen making some bold moves and getting the better of his opponent Sergey Karjakin. This win has made Carlsen a winner for the third on the row following up his previous wins in the year 2013 and 2014.

Magnus Carlsen has defended his title successfully against Russian Sergey Karjakin

A tense encounter unfolded at New York when the defending Champion Magnus Carlsen and thechallenger from Russia Sergey Karjakin started off a few days back with the World Chess Championship title at stake. The earlier rounds did not live up to the expectations as most of the games ended in a draw. The game got a bit of momentum when Sergey Karjakin took the lead beating Carlsen in the eighth game. Carlsen hit back with a win in the tenth game. After the end of the 12 games, the encounter remained tied at 6 points each.

World Chess Championship

The Norwegian always started the tie-breaker as a favourite as he has been ranked number one in the Blitz category of the game for a long time. It would have been an uphill task for Karjakin to defeat Carlsen in the rapid-fire rounds. And in the end, the Russian challenger succumbed to some great display of calm mindset that Carlsen had produced. Karjakin was simply no match to Carlsen in the tie-breaker. However, the valiant effort from Karjakin took the game to the tie-breaker, and he is due a lot of credit for that.

This win will take Carlsen a step further to the status of a legend in the game of chess. Often he has been compared to Garry Kasparov who have dominated the game for 15 long years. And this win can be regarded as one of the little footsteps that will take Carlsen closer to that status of a legend in the game.

Among the spectators also the tension could be felt as there were lots of oohs and aahs coming in while the two players were busy in making their moves on the chessboards. The two competitors were playing the game inside a sound-proof room from the inside of which nothing could be seen. But the viewers from outside could see the players. The spectators paid a hefty amount of $100 to watch the game live. Besides that, there were also numbers of pay-per-view channels available through which fans could watch Carlsen winning the World Chess Championship 2016. Incidentally, November 30 is also the birthday of the Norwegian, and he perhaps found the perfect way to celebrate it.

The prize money was set at $1.1 million which was shared between the two competitors. The winner got 60 percent of the total prize money while the challenger got the 40 percent. However, Carlsen would not get the full amount courtesy to a breach of rule for which he has been fined by the authority a 5 percent of the total prize money received by him. However, Magnus Carlsen won’t mind that for he has the World Chess Championship 2016 title in his kitty.

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