World Chess Championship 2016: Carlsen and Karjakin Set for Nailbiting Tie-Breaker

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World Chess Championship 2016

The World Chess Championship 2016 is heading towards a tense finish as the defending champion has been held back by the challenger till the 12th game. Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin are tied at 6 points each after the 12 games they were stipulated to play and will be up against each other for one final time on Wednesday for the showdown.

Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin are set to meet in the tie-breaker to open the deadlock in the World Chess Championship 2016

The encounter was nicely poised at 5 points each after the end of the 10th game in the World Chess Championship 2016. All were expecting something special to happen that will break the deadlock between the two players. But nothing significant happened that could have changed the course for either of the players. Rather, Sergey Karjakin displayed some excellent defensive technique to take the game to the tie-breaker.

The last game that is the 12th game lasted for only 36 minutes and 30 moves which somewhat marred the intensity with which the rest of the game was played. Most of the fans have been left disappointed with the last game, and the experts are also found to be a bit unhappy regarding that one. Former Grandmaster Nigel Short have been found tweeting following the match, “If the 12th game … were a restaurant dish, I would send it back to the chef.” Such was the standard of that particular game which is in stark contrast with the rest of the encounter.

However, courtesy to that drab session, we are now set up for a great final encounter between these two competitors for the title of the World Chess Championship 2016. The tie-breaker will be four rapid-fire games that will provide both the players 25 minutes time in all to complete the game. A deadlock henceforth will invite an “Armageddon Game” which will see the player playing with white will have minutes while his opponent will have 4 minutes to complete while playing with black. One advantage Black will have in this game is that the player with black will simply have to draw the match to acquire the World Chess Championship title.

If the match goes that far, things are bound to get tough for Carlsen since he will have to play with White if the game gets prolonged. Karjakin playing with Black will only need to draw the game to lift the title. So Carlsen will have to attack right from the start to force the result in his favour.

World Chess Championship 2016 Tie-Breaker

The World Chess Championship 2016 tie-breaker between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin will take place on November 30 at New York. Incidentally, it is also Carlsen’s 26th birthday. Thus it remains to be seen whether he will be able to celebrate his birthday after winning the championship or not.

As it stands, the game is in the balance. And we all have to wait for the game to start to make a prediction. Before that nothing can be said to both the players Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, have shown excellent temperament until now in the World Chess Championship 2016.

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