Woman With A Suitcase Finale: Spoilers Claim Cha Geum-Joo will Die

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Woman With A Suitcase Finale

Woman With A Suitcase Finale:Woman With a Suitcase started airingon MBC from September 26 following a delay in its premiere. Itsschedule has since come under several more delays due to the ongoing Summer Olympics, but that has not hindered the show’s growing popularity.

However, the immensely liked South Korean legal drama that airs every Monday and Tuesday (for the most part) is nearing its end. Woman With A Suitcase will air for a total of 16 episodes, and 11 of those have already been aired. With the twelfth episode of the show coming up next week, speculations are rife about how what’s in store for Woman With A Suitcase Finale.

Woman With A Suitcase Plot

Woman With A Suitcase follows the story of a young attorney named Cha Geum-Joo (played byChoi Ji-Woo), who formerly worked as a manager at a firm, but was falsely accused of violating the attorneys-at-law act leading to her subsequent imprisonment. As a result, everyone fears that her career may be over. ButGeum-Joo chooses to come out of the ordeal and take the events in her stride and begins to work extremely hard in order to achieve her goals.With the help of a close associate, ChaGeum-Joo is steadily on her way back to the top as an attorney.

Woman With A Suitcase Finale (Episode 16) Spoilers

As Woman With A Suitcase slowly inches towards its finale, fans expect to seeCha Geum-Joo once again claiming the top spot on the legal front with her dedication andnever-say-die attitude. But according to some recently surfaced reports, the hit K-drama will end on a rather sad note despite Geum-Joo making all the right efforts to reshape her life and career. Some unverified sources claim that the eponymous character of the show is suffering from brain cancer which will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. If that is the case, then she will get increasingly sick in the next few episodes and ultimately meet with her death in the finale. However, being a show about redemption and reclamation, we are certain thatCha Geum-Joo will achieve what she wants before her life comes to a halt. But it is to be noted that none of these claims has been verified, which means that these are merely speculations. Given some of the thematic elements ofWoman With A Suitcase,we are not quite certain about the plausibility for such an ending.

Woman With A Suitcase Finalewill be aired on November 21.In the meantime, watchWoman With A Suitcase Episode 12 on November 7 on MBC.

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