With iOS 10, finally Apple revamps the Control Center and fixes the longstanding mess

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With iOS 10

When Apple launched the iOS 7 in 2013, the software became the biggest revolution in the history of mobile OS. Along with the flat designed icons, and a more modern day approach, Jony Ive gifted the users a much needed visual overhaul. And with this OS, Apple introduced the Control Center for the first time to compete with Android, who included this feature a long time before. Control Center was a slide-up tool drawer, to access useful stock functions such as flashlight and camera, quickly change the screen brightness and most importantly to turn on and off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Despite all those features, Apple turned the Control Center into a giant, complicated mess.

But after three years, finally, the US-based tech conglomerate is going to redesign the Control Center to make it an uncluttered, powerful toolset, exactly how the Control Center meant to be. The music controls will be shifted to the right as a separate panel, and in that middle corridor, Apple has introduced the new Night Shift option. The tech giant includes this Night Shift mode so that the users can adjust their eyes to the darkness by changing to the feature’s different colour tones. Also if the users swipe the screen to left, they will now get the access to the HomeKit-connected accessories. Yesterday, Apple launched the iOS Beta for everybody, and from that beta version, we get to know about all these hugely improved features.

Apple has also incorporated a new philosophy regarding its OS, which is to give focus on fixing failed launches rather than clutching to bad ideas. And thus, this tech giant plans to cure many of the longstanding issues with the Apple Watch when the watchOS 3 release this fall, as well as taking out the clunky UI missteps and kicks them to the curb, by introducing the new Control Center in iOS 10. So in a way, Apple is admitting their prior fault, at the same time, it is a moment of achievement.

Quite naturally, the old Control Center will not get obsolete with the introduction of the modern software. The predecessor is very much present in the iOS 10, with its five buttons- Wi-Fi, aeroplane mode, Bluetooth, “Do Not Disturb,” and screen lock. Those buttons will now get colours to indicate the status, like red for screen lock and blue for Bluetooth. Also, their placements have remained unchanged, along with the buttons for the calculator, flashlight, timer, and camera.

Having said that, these subtle changes, like more breathing space and simple colour changes, have made all the differences and make the OS very user-friendly. For the last three years, the Control Center remained very unfriendly, filled with buttons of all different shapes and perplexing sliders, and also very difficult to master. But iOS 10 offers the users only the essentials, if they want more, they are welcome to start swiping.

But, this Control Center of the iOS 10 is not perfect too and comes with some tweaks. The brightness slider is a bit hard to move and if you don’t hit it precisely, you will land into the music panel. Moreover, there is no 3D touch implementation on buttons for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You will only find the 3D Touch on HomeKit accessories and the bottom row of the main Control Center panel, but not elsewhere. Also, the company has allotted one-third of its panel space over to the Home app, but there is no option to open up the iCloud, Siri, or wallpaper settings from the Control Center.

But with all these negativities, Apple’s less cluttered Control Center is a huge improvement. Maybe it does not seem like a big leap forward, but the company is finally admitting their faults, and they are improving it as much as possible.

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