Will Online Entertainment Replace Traditional Media?

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Will Online Entertainment Replace Traditional Media: The early days of the internet were incredible, but they were also incredibly painful. The excitement we felt when listening to the digital scream of the dial-up was only matched by our tempered frustrations of the slow trickle of the internet onto our screens. Nowadays, almost all of these limitations have been shattered, as our entertainment world becomes increasingly inextricable from the online world. But is this really the way of the future?

The Big Names of Today

The most common forms of online media could be split into two territories, though the actual net has been cast much wider than just these two. The first is the news, which has so far offered up-to-date information far faster than any traditional newspaper, and the second is television and film. Led by the likes of Hulu and Netflix, these online variants are quickly competing with major cable networks.

Will Online Entertainment Replace Traditional Media
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Also incredibly popular is online gaming. This is best seen for major gaming websites like Steam, where video games on PC have reached an incredibly large audience, and similarly with online casinos, which are getting increasingly popular. An overview of casino 888 or other popular online gambling websites show these as rapidly approaching, and in some cases surpassing, the deals, variety, and convenience of a traditional casino system.

One more benefit is that online casinos tend to offer a wider variety of games compared to their land-based counterparts, since there are no physical space limitations. You’ll therefore find different variants of roulette, blackjack and other table games as well as many, many different slots on online casinos.

The Undeniable Growth

We love our Kindle, but the convenience cannot compare to the tactile experience of a physical book. We expect this to be the case with all future media. The growth we have seen here is exponential, and will only spread further – yet the classics will always remain a viable means for some. Online infrastructure is great, but it is not perfect, and we have a few decades before it comes anywhere near approaching real global coverage.

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Perhaps, after a new generation comes of age, we might see a near replacement of traditional media. At this point in time though, we are quite happy to hold onto our newspapers and DVDs. Not so much our VHS tapes, though.

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