Why to Buy Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39?

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Rolex is the famous brand and everyone love stow ear the watch due to innovative designs. it has become basically the symbol of prestige for the watch wearers. Off and on Rolex launches, the new watches with some new exclusive feature to attract the customer. Rolex oyster perpetual 39 is the new watch type in the oyster series. It has come with some new features that make it admiring and appealing for the Rolex users. When you are out for shopping to buy this incredible watch, you will discover the following new features in it.

Rolex Oyster New Dial Colors

The 39mm legendary case watch when launched got much fame due to its unique dial colors. The watch comes with dark rhodium, blue and red grapes in color. In most watches, we find black, white, golden or silver dials but the Rolex has now introduced new dial colors. Men love to wear their favorite watch having distinctive dial colors. The clean dial with stick markers and selective luminance give the awesome effect to the watch and give it a persuading appeal.

Improved Resistance Against Different Environmental Factors

The oyster case is made of special steel material. It belongs to the 904L steel family that has high resistance not only against the water but protects the watch from other environmental factors like dust and rust. The type of metal is widely used in aerospace and High-Technology machinery manufacturing, so you can take an idea that superior quality of the material issued for making the Rolex perpetual series and make it valuable. Due to the material, it resists water. The company provides a guarantee that the watch has waterproofness about the depth of 33o ft. Rolex patented Twin lock double waterproofness system plays this vital role and prevent the watch from the water.

Parachrom hairspring and paraflex shock absorbers are present that resist against the magnetic fields, shocks and falling from a height. No matter what severe condition it faces it remains scratch free as well as does not lose its functionality. It has the ability to bear severe conditions and does not get scratch, no effect on color and keep on working.

The superlative chronometer present that provides you with the first-class precision and reliability.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39

Rolex Oyster Versatility in sizes

The best part of the Rolex Oyster 39 is that it comes in a variety of sizes that include 26mm,31, 34 and 39 mm. depending on the size of your wrist along with the size you feel comfortable.

Rolex Oyster Lock system

The watch has the special oyster clasp lock system that fits until you apply pressure to open it. It fits around your wrist and does not open thus it keeps the watch safely in your wrist without any fear of breakage or its opening.

Machine Movement

Like other Rolex oyster series, the watch is equipped with special 3132 movement machine. It contains shock absorbing properties that resist any harsh environment and thus keep on giving an accurate time without losing original shape or damaging the machine.

Watch functioning

The watch works by the energy provided by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. Rather than manual winding.

Other features

The other features that make this timepiece preferable to buy and give elegance to the wearer are

  • Scratch resistant sapphire that remains clear and shining all the time.
  • The bidirectional self-winding feature that work through the perpetual rotor.
  • Power reserve is awesome and gives a backup of about 48 hours.
  • -2/+2 precision after casing.
  • Monobloc middle case.
  • Screw down case back.
  • Oyster bracelet with three pieces of links present.

All are the incredible feature that makes it one of the number one Watch in the company. Either you want it for yourself or to gift it to your father it can be the best gift ever. The reliable, waterproof and exceptional color dial timepiece can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

The simple three-hand design watch with a unique color scheme is the graceful yet affordable watch. One can buy and have the best experience of wearing it in parties, casual or formal events. Definitely, it will add a charm to your persona and you can walk confidently.

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