Why the Youth Needs to Look up to Nana Patekar as a Role Model

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Nana Patekar

There are many people in this world those become famous for their work as well as for the reason the dedicated their work too. We talk about the celebrities those have a net worth of billions of dollars but how many of them have a heart of gold. I guess very few. Out of these very few golden-hearted people, one man who has given many examples of his kind heart is Mr. Nana Patekar. From doing a job that earned him 25 Rs in a day to becoming a man donating his entire life’s earning Nana Patekar has proven at every step of his life that he is not only an outstanding actor but an awesome human being as well. Here are the 5 main reasons why every youth must look up to Nana as their icon.

1. His 1 BHK house

It is not that Nana Patekar cannot afford anything more than this but it is his preferences that make him take this decision. He has the capacity to buy a house with many luxuries but he thinks that is something waste of money and hence he lives in his 1 BHK flat with his mother.

2.The farmer’s pain

When Maharashtra was struck with the drought and everyone was busy in commenting on the farmer’s suicide, Nana Patekar was the one who visited 112 farmers family himself to say his condolences and motivate them to start their lives again. Not only had this but he also donated a generous amount of Rs 15000 to 62 farmer’s families who committed suicide in the Marathwada region. Nana Patekar met every single widow himself and handed over the cheque on the seats they were sitting on. He paid tribute to all the farmers who died fighting the battle against the struggle.

3.The Organization

Nana Patekar has formed an organization that works towards the betterment of the farmer community. This organization has already collected Rs 22 crore as a charity for farmer welfare. They are now planning to fill in the dried rivers and lakes in the villages in order to provide safe and pure drinking water to the farmer families.

4.The Trust

People trust Nana Patekar and his integrity blindly, this is the reason his organization collected 80 lac rupees on its very first day of inauguration. Now which organization has so much of faith of the people except Nana’s.

5.The Patriotism

Nana Patekar underwent 3 years of army training for his movie Prahaar. After the shoot was finished he expressed his wish to the Indian Army and requested to serve the Army. During a short period of his army services, he was n active member of on sting operation in Kargil.

In an interview with a TV channel, Nana Patekar told the media that he has got the reason to live till he dies (Mujhe marte dam tak jeene ki wajah mil gayi h). In this busy world where we do not have time to stop for anything, Nana Patekar has left everything behind to serve the farmers of the nation. Kudos to the man, who has the courage to donate 90 percent of his earnings to the charity.

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