Why People Steal Cable TV?

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Why People Steal Cable TV

Stealing or pirating a cable TV is now considered as a crime. Whether be a Spectrum Texas user or a Cox Ohio user, they are paying an adequate amount of money for accessing the perks and features of high-quality entertainment. It is very unfair for someone else to steal the cable TV signal and access the features without paying for it. To ensure this does not happen, efforts are made to impose more strict penalties for such theft. Thus any person having a device that can be sued to receive cable signals without paying the bill is regarded as a fifth-degree felony. The one caught selling any such equipment will be guilty of a fourth-degree felony.

Penalties Involved

The penalties can be as severe as being jailed for around 18 months with a fine of $50,000. Cable piracy results in major losses of as much as 5 billion dollars. Previously the laws were not as strong but now they are aimed more firmly to stop any such acts in the first place.

Why People Steal Cable TV

How to Report?

Now the question here arises-how does you report your neighbor stealing your cable. You might be reluctant to call the cops or your provider because the situation might get much awkward. But some cable TV providers have helplines where you can call directly to register a complaint. Though it is morally challenging but knows that it is because of millions of people using free cable across the globe that cable providers end up increasing their fee to compensate for the loss. So it is something that must not be ignored because it is after all illegal.


Types of Cable Theft

You should also know that there are two types of cable theft. They include active and passive ones. An example of passive theft can be someone who moves to a new place and finds out that the cable service is on but does not notify the provider. An example of active theft can be someone who deliberately gets an illegal cable connection by using certain equipment.


Why People Steal Cable TV?

The cable industry along with the law enforcement agencies is working actively to prevent any unauthorized cable use by the customers. Yet some people generally feel it is all right to steal cable as a revenge for the hiking cable bill prices. So they usually satisfy their guilt of stealing cable signals by thinking that if the bill cost would have gone down, they would have paid rather stole it. This is the usual case with most of the cable theft. The point here is to understand that it is just like saying that stealing jewellery is fine since the jeweller charge a lot.

Why People Steal Cable TV

The cable providers technically have the right to sell their plans and packages at any cost they want. Just like the consumers have the right to choose whichever provider or plan they like. They are not bound to select a certain pricey cable plan. It is their own choice. The customer has all the right to go with his consent of not buying a certain cable package but no right to steal it.

It is best to contact the customer support service team of your cable provider in order to report any cable thefts so the authorities can take action instantly. After all, it is a type of crime.


Wrapping Up

The aforementioned discussion explains why people steal cable TV and what are the penalties involved. Also, chances are that they might be any of your neighbors so reporting does become difficult. Though the situation might get a little nasty still it is mandatory to report any cable theft to your cable provider or cops. It is better to call the customer support service to report any risk of your cable signals being stolen. Therefore keep a check on any suspicious activities, slowing signals, or distortion so you can get rid of it. Moreover ignoring any such activity might cost you more on your bill. Many types of illegal tampering equipment are available these days for stealing cable signals. In case you spot any, be sure to report your cable provider straight away.

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