Why Japanese Are So Fit and Slim

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If you have ever been to Japan or you are friends with a couple of Japanese, there is one thing that you will notice amongst them – they are fit and slim. They can be your fitspiration! But, what exactly makes them thin? It is not that bad kind of thin. It is the kind of thin that looks good on them, and for sure, will look good on you as well. Only if you know how it can happen!

In the rest of this post, we will have a quick look at some of the reasons why the Japanese are amongst the fittest and slimmest people in the world. But, before we start, if you want to have a body like them, one of the best things that you can do is to check out https://www.bestreviews.guide/japanese-diet-pills for some of the best products you can use.

They Have a Healthy Diet

On top of the list of reasons why the Japanese are slim and fit is the fact that they have a healthy diet. In fact, in one article from Forbes, it has been reiterated that Japan has 1.5% obesity rate in men. This is way low compared to the 36.5% obesity rate amongst men in the United States.

The Japanese government has been proactive in the promotion of a Healthy diet to help make the people fit. They have recommendations on the dietary regimen that its citizens should have to have balanced nutrition. Soy, vegetables, grains, and fish make most of their daily diets. Aside from the low rate of obesity, their diet is also the reason why they are one of the countries with the lowest mortality rates in the world.

According to BBC Food, the Japanese diet is healthy because it consists of high amounts of vegetables and grains while keeping the consumption of animal products at a minimum. Traditionally, their foods are low in saturated fat and calories but dense in nutrients.

More so, they also love fermented foods, such as miso. It is known for being effective in supporting a healthy digestive system, which can be attributed as another reason why they are fit and healthy.

Speaking of healthy diet, they are also not fond of snacking. If they do munch on snacks, they make sure that it is something that is healthy, such as seaweed or rice crackers. To add, while they love munching on desserts, they are not as sweet as their Western counterparts. The minimal sugar content is another reason why we envy their bodies!

Why Japanese Are So Fit and Slim

They are Gifted with Islands

This is one thing that is closely related to what has been mentioned above. The country is home to 6,852 islands. What this means is that they have close access to seafood, which is known for being a part of a healthy diet that can make you fit and slim. Compared to an animal-based diet, eating seafood is better for your body.

Aside from fish, the Japanese are also known for their fondness of sea vegetables, seaweed being the most popular. It is known to be a potent source of health-boosting minerals and can also be helpful in preventing obesity.

They Love Taking Baths

I am not saying that you do not like to take a bath! Instead, what I would like to point out is that most of us are used to having showers instead of baths. Turns out, one of the secrets of the Japanese why they are fit and slim is their obsessions with baths.

It is common in their culture to take a bath regularly instead of just a shower. This is done through a half bath where they fill the tub with water until the level of the chest. The temperature of the water is anywhere from 38 to 42 degrees. They like to take things slow, so they soak for about 20 minutes.

Alternatively, as you will read in this article – Weight Loss to speed up weight loss through a bath, you might want to consider adding Epsom salts. The latter can draw out toxins to help you become slimmer.

They Move a Lot

While they do not typically engage in hard exercise, the Japanese are often moving, so they are slim and fit. They do not live a sedentary lifestyle. A lot of them walk on their way to their work or they take the train. When they are inside the train, it is often packed and they have to stand, which also forms part of their physical activity for the day. Some are using their bicycles going to school or the office. These things can already form part of a good exercise routine.

Unlike others, they do not have planned exercise wherein they have to stick to a regular schedule of going to the gym. Instead, what is popular amongst them is incidental exercise. Simply put, exercise is incorporated into their daily lives, such as in the instances that have been mentioned above.

They Have Small Food Portions

It is not only about what they eat, but it is also about how much they eat. When you visit a Japanese restaurant, one of the first things that you will notice is that their portions are small, especially when compared to the Americans. They eat only a little amount of everything, which is why they manage to stay fit and slim. Despite the small portions, you can be assured that you will have a filling and nutrient-dense meal.

They Are Subjected to Societal Pressure

Lastly, they are fat and slim because of the pressure they are subjected to amongst their peers or the society in general. If you walk around Japan, it is seldom that you will find large people. Also, when you go shop for clothes, most of the sizes are small, so you will most likely be pressured to stay that way. There is a strong urge to be like everyone else, so most of them have the same body types.

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