Why is IB Middle Years Programme Important For Every Child?

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The technological advancements happening around the globe are changing the way people think and work. The education industry is also experiencing a drastic change and classrooms are getting smarter. Smarter classrooms and well-equipped teachers are paving the way to making their students brighter and sharper.

The students of today, whom we call the Gen Y, should be equipped with learning that extends beyond bookish knowledge.

For this, it is essential for schools to employ tech-driven, advanced means of educating the kids so that they learn and grow according to the changing times. The changing times require schools to change their education pedagogy from the traditional rote learning methods to learning by hands-on experience. They need to know that learning today, is not just limited to, but extends beyond bookish knowledge.

The fact that most of the development of a child takes place in the formative years and it is essential for parents and teachers to nurture these initial learning years in the most efficient and effective manner. These initial years are the ones in which you can lay a rock-solid foundation for your child’s life. Therefore, it is crucial to provide your child with the best education facilities during the foundation years to help them cope up with the vastly competitive world outside.

Learning in the middle years is of prime importance as this is the age when the kids acquire a lot of conceptual knowledge. Science, math and social sciences are the key subjects during this age. Thus, it is essential that the knowledge of these subjects is provided with a lot of practical exposure and not just through books and blackboard teaching. These are the years in which children get enlightened about the world around them, its history, daily life equations and much more, and to educate them by giving hands-on experience will facilitate concept building rather than concept mugging.

For a better conceptual understanding of the child, parents should opt for international baccalaureate schools that provide IB Middle Years Programme for children aged 11-16 years. IB schools are powered by technology and resources and provide the students with better exposure than the others. The international baccalaureate schools emphasis on making learning a habit for the children so that they can grow and develop their innate talents.

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The IB Middle Years Programme encourages students to connect practically with the outside world and its processes. It is a five-year programme and can be implemented through a partnership between schools. It is a curriculum framework that fosters the all-round development of the child and prepares them for the future. With its learning by doing methodology, the IB MYP aims to build the understanding of the child, which can help them choose their career paths.

Apart from the tech-driven and child-centred curriculum, IB schools also consist of teachers who are fully-equipped and trained to educate the students using the latest teaching tools. The teachers in such schools are highly qualified and are the skilled experts of their subjects. They aim to bring out the best in their students to help them become learned individuals and excel in whatever career they choose.

The international baccalaureate schools not only focus on academics but, also give equal importance to sports and extracurricular activities, which aids the overall development of the child. These schools also lay emphasis on inculcating human values and life skills in the children so that they can grow up to become virtuous individuals.

Moreover, such schools are tailor-made to provide an environment that facilitates learning and an atmosphere that is motivating and stimulating. Additionally, such schools have a very disciplined and controlled environment that keeps instigates discipline in children and keeps their behavior in check. Proper school uniform adds to the personality enhancement of the children and prepares them for the future. Furthermore, such schools are also very attentive to the safety and security needs of the children resulting which, they are run by a very sound administration system.

These are not just reasons why you should send your child to a school that offers the IB Middle Years Programme but, are assurances that your child will grow up to become a responsible and smart citizen of the country. Enroll your child in an international baccalaureate school and let them shine like a star.

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