Why Grammarly Is a Better Option Over Other Tools

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So every writer on the block requires an online grammar checker, no matter how great they are. Yes, a human cannot be perfect but an artificial machine can try to be one. And that’s where these grammar checkers pop into the scene.
We are discussing about the online English grammar checkers, which help us in writing quality articles and content. There are many grammar checkers online but the best out of them is Grammarly.

Grammarly comes in two offers. One is the free one, where you can identify and correct some of the basic grammatical errors and the other one is a paid, premium one which can identify deeper problems in the content and also deal with the plagiarism. But, if you are a new grammarly user and you want to use the premium, you can access the grammarly premium free trial. This trial is basically there so that you get to know about the various features you can use when you have the free trial.

So, if you guys are heading for an online grammar checking tool, go for grammarly. But if you ask why, then here is why grammarly is a better option over the other tools:

Why Grammarly Is a Better Option Why Grammarly Is a Better Option Why Grammarly Is a Better Option Over Other Tools

1. You get a Chrome plugin:
Grammarly works great in its free version and its premium version. And if you notice, you can use a chrome plugin. This automatically suggests you to correct your content automatically. Whether you have to edit a mail or anything, you can just use grammarly to correct your grammar or any kind of spelling mistakes.

2. Serves for all the kinds of writers:
Unlike other grammar correction tools, Grammarly is much better because it offers a free version and a paid one. So if you want some quick basic run through, you have it. But if you want a detailed diagnosis, you can get it through the premium account. And the user interface for both the versions is just the same. Also, if you are a new writer with a low budget, you should go for the free version of grammarly.

3. It provides insights:
Grammarly digs deep into the content and with its mind blowing algorithms, helps you to improve your English grammar knowledge. So, not only you will come to know where you are going wrong, but also you will understand the reason behind it.

This grammar checker flags all the mistakes the moment the content is uploaded. It fixes the passive voice sentences too. If you look at other grammar editors like Ginger, they do not suggest you about the commas and etc. But Grammarly suggests you to add commas at the right place and at the right time.

Moreover, you also have plagiarism checker in Grammarly Premium, which checks if your content is copied from somewhere. So, Grammarly helps your content to be more accurate and finishes the process of editing and checking a whole lot faster. It saves you the money of hiring a human proof reader. Instead, you could buy grammarly premium for around $30 per month and the whole grammar related problems will vanish.

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