Why do you need to invest in a comprehensive product research process to successfully sell on Amazon?

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Playing your affiliate seller card right can make you a fortune but doing it right can be tricky. Most new sellers on Amazon and similar platforms disappear without a trace.

Did you know? Going to Amazon means dealing with 244 million active users, who might already be purchasing from one or many of your competitors. There are hundreds of products on Amazon that sell faster than string lights during Christmas season.

Then some products sit longer than Turin’s Shroud in the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.

Finding the right product can be unbelievably simple – just set your eyes on a product that has consistent demand, does not have a lot of competition and generates enough profit to keep the cogs and wheels of your company in motion.

A comprehensive research process yields actionable customer information, product details, market possibilities and potential profit. Product research on Amazon also involves tracking down your competitors and observing their selling trends over a period.

This imparts a deeper insight to product demands, customer service, and market responses. This will tell you what kind of new products the market wants and how you can design them.

Where can you find the fastest moving products on Amazon?

Amazon Best Seller page has a list of the best performing products on the site. It is a great resource to tell which products are selling best and it ranks the items based on user responses. This page includes categories and subcategories to highlight an item’s rank in a particular niche. The company chooses the most popular items across several categories and subcategories.

The Best Seller’s List on Amazon is a result of the combination of stats from Amazon sales. The algorithm updates the list of the best selling items hourly. This will give you a fairly good idea of how the trending products rotate between the ranks of the Best Sellers List, although Amazon does not state how well an item is performing about another in that list.

How to make the best use of the Amazon Best Seller’s list?

Amazon usually compiles the Best Seller List from different categories. While checking the page, the variety of items can befuddle you. Therefore, you need to be very sure about what you are looking for, or you may end up with hundreds of products you initially had no intention of following or experiencing. Here are the three ways you can always ensure productive product research on Amazon for your e-commerce brand –

  1. Any product from the Amazon Best Seller List is good enough. Just find out all you can about their target users, price ranges, reviews, and descriptions.
  2. Do not ignore the related sections like Sponsored Products Related to…”, “Frequently Bought Together” “and “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought.”
  • Run a keyword check on the descriptions. Keyword inspector research tools can help you with target keyword use in product descriptions. This can, in turn, help you with SEO.

How to inspire trust among your target buyers?

Most experts opine that you should pick products that are neither too expensive nor too cheap. Just the right cost that inspires trust and quality. A first timer might find it difficult to find products that fit the budget. So here’s a brainwave – find your niche competitors on the Amazon Best Sellers list. These are the companies that are already selling to your target buyers, and you need to displace them soon to survive the competition.

What is your competition up to?

Another way you can zero in on your competition is by using Google and other search engines. Nonetheless, just finding the names of your competitors will not help you. You need to do a little more to exploit the opportunity. Several e-commerce tools and extensions are currently helping e-commerce site owners and online entrepreneurs to establish a brand name for themselves. These comprehensive tools come with options to track specific brand performances and compare your product performance with others.

Sample the service your competitor is offering

The best way to woo your target buyers is to offer them services your competitor does not offer. You simply need to outperform your competitor to win over your target market. You will notice that some sellers send a “thank you” note upon completion of the purchase, while others send complementary gift cards with sold items. The one proven way to understand exactly what your competitors are offering is to experience their customer service and product quality. Buy what they are selling and note all the post-sales services you get along with the item. This way you can easily notice areas you can improve improving customer satisfaction.

Amazon is the pilgrimage site for all sellers old and new in the USA. People who want to try their luck at selling stuff online have tried Amazon at least once. It may not take a lot of e-commerce acumen or digital marketing lessons, but it needs a little understanding of the market to be able to outsell the competitors.

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