New Updates 2019 Why? Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops on Google Analytics

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Now going to discuss the Bounce rate suddenly drops Google Analytics(GA) New Updated 2018 – 2019. While getting this issue we have few questions in mind: How to check Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops! Why? Due to the following mistakes: Buying Unqualify Robots Traffic, GA Code added wrongly or add many times in Theme or Plugins.

Pros and Cons of Buying Unqualify Robots traffic:

Pros of buying traffic: I think no use of buying traffic, Primely it won’t help you get real Traffic. The difference between Buying Traffic & Organic traffic, or Website viewing from the search engine like (Google, Yahoo, Bing). So meanwhile try to work out to the following Stops.

Write unique content by Own.

Keywords adding in inside an article by showing natural article.

Hire well-qualified Content writers to get the article.

Making Backlinks from high authority websites.

Social Share, for getting free referral traffic.

Cons of Buying traffic:

Honestly, Search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) Don’t like who is buying Traffic by paid or Buying robots traffic. If you buy it can be feeling your website traffic and viewable are increased but nothing yet by quality. Because of buy traffic help you a few minutes or hours, but later you can see no more traffic, you don’t get organic traffic too.

So, buying website traffic help you go down, yeah exactly your website will get a notice from the search engine that following message and mail from Google webmaster tool (See Below Image). So, try to do constraint content should be unique. Best Steps of Increasing Traffic ideas:

Google banned from search engine

How to Clear this issue from Themes & Checking Source code:

Really saying this, nowadays Blogger needs immediate Ranking, Keywords fitch, High Traffic. So there all are Trying few Block SEO & Unwanted activates for growing website traffic.

Next Steps: Why! Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops on Google Analytics:

I had bad experience form Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops of One of my client websites. After checking all kinds of necessary things. We found the client’s website has inserted many times GA code on the website Code. Let’s explain to us, How we clear the issue step by step. Checking GA reports by how they reduced and what Happened exactly! Once we check this e found this dropdown GA Bounce Rate Suddenly.

See Status on the Single day: Which is Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops

See Status on the Single day: Which is Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops

Weekly Report: Which is Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops

Why -Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops on Google Analytics

See on Images attached! There you can see weekly status Nov 4, 2018 – Nov 10, 2018. Good user flows, and New / Returning users also pretty much good. Pageviews very well with best Avg. Session Duration is good. But the Bounce rate showing just 0.81% What Happen? See the next Image what are the issues been on a particular website.

How to Check GA Tracking code on Website Source code:

Please find the following steps to ensure reduce Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops.

Go Your website homepage 7 Right click and Choose Source Code or Choose this Shortcut Key:

The easy way to check website Source code by Browsers:

Chrome source code Key: CTRL + U. Then click on Tools -and select View Page Source

Internet Explorer source code Key: CTRL + U. Or right-click and select View Page Source.

Firefox source code Key: CTRL + U. (Meaning press the CTRL key on your keyboard and hold it down. While holding down the CTRL key, press the “U” key.) Alternatively, you can go to the “Firefox” menu and then click on – Web Developer, and then -View Page Source.

Opera source code Key: CTRL + U. You also can right-click on the webpage and select View Page Source.

See: Below Image showing g Many times Google Analytics ID (See image Block colored) by the source of the Particular website, So GA code added twice by Themes or Some other thirty party plugins.

Honestly, we added 2 times the Same GA code inside of theme space also added other 3rd party Plugins, so we remove one. Which are we feel to remove GA code? We made some changes in Theme code and now showing very perfect and looks one GA code on Source code see Below image:

After removing GA Code Check the same Method of the Easy way to check website Source code by Browsers (See above).

Why -Bounce Rate Suddenly Drops on Google Analytics4

Make sure to Check all plugins which is able to add GA Code. And remove and check again source code will show a single time. Later a few hours Google analytics will allow properly and showing the Right Bounce rate of your website. P.S: Please allow a few days to reflect these changes in GA. Sometimes get a few weeks to get exact results.

Still, are you struggle with GA & Bounce rate drops, if you need more actions Then Try to add Google Tag Manager & Make clearly about remove GA analytics tracking code from the site first.


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