Who Says That Robes Should Only Be Worn at Home

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Who Says That Robes Should Only Be Worn at Home: Where is it written that robes should only be worn around the house? If you look around with a keen eye, you will find them just about everywhere. That is because robes are not limited to the house only.

Robes have been around since before Caesar the Great joined the ranks of the great leaders in history. They are documented in his story and have been worn everywhere:

  • Churches
  • Courtrooms
  • Boxing rings
  • Bedrooms

Celebrities have even been photographed strutting and posing without a care in the world wearing satin robes. The style is dynamic. What was considered an atrocity a few years ago may be the height of fashion in the next couple of years. Who would have thought a style known as sheer would ever gain popularity?

In the last few years, robes have morphed from lounge-around-the-house wear to couture and they come in a variety of styles. They come in all manner of shapes, prints, and fabrics:

All these go to show that satin has evolved as more than just a festive fabric. It is crossing over to everyday fun wear for a lot of people. Maybe you will see more robes making an appearance in dinner parties than ever before, or in places where a cute little black dress in satin is more appealing than a sweeping couture gown in silks and chiffons.


What has inspired the emergence of robes?

It is doubtful if anyone can pinpoint any one source as the sole inspiration, but consider these two:

Japanese Kimonos: These have always been popular as they are so chic and stylish. Maybe they were made popular by the tales of the Geishas and their colorful kimonos that were intricately made. They were expensive and elevated the wearers above everyone else. Whatever the case, you will find many gowns, not just satin ones, made in this style.

Lingerie: Actresses of yore …okay… that may be an exaggeration…but as far back as the forties, the on-screen sirens brought sexy on the screen and everyone sat up and took notice. A nice sheer robe over lingerie has actually become a thing. It is not even worn for warmth as it is quite sheer, mostly made from lace and other light material. You will find them in every clothing store worth its name, and some celebrities have even had contracts to come up with lingerie lines. Robes have definitely come from far.

Whichever way you look at it, satin has undergone a revolution and satin robes are in sync. No one feels like their wardrobe is complete without a few satin robe pieces or even dresses with appropriate accessories and shoes to match them.

There are many ways in which the satin robes are worn including pairing them with a stylish pair of jeans and finishing that look off with sandals or throwing a nice robe over a maxi floral dress and slipping into some peep-toe heels or flats if you like.

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