Who Is Bobby Flay’s Current Girlfriend, and Will He Get Married a Fourth Time?

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Latest who Is Bobby Flay Dating

Bobby Flay is an American chef and also a famous personality on the internet and television. He has a huge fan following in social media. Besides, Bobby is the owner of big restaurants such as Mesa Grill, Bar Americain, Bobby Flay Steak, Gato, etc. With having a mastery of various types of cooking recipes, he had done so many television shows of cooking. Because of having perfection in the food world, Bobby was also earned some remarkable awards. The professional life of Bobby is very open that almost everybody knows.

Bobby Flay

Who Is Bobby Flay’s Current Girlfriend

When talking about his personal life, Bobby has not been stable in relationship and marriage. When he reached a certain age, he married Debra Ponzek (she is also an American chef) on 11 May 1991 and gave divorce in 1993. After that, Bobby married a second time in 1995 with Kate Connelly and divorced in 1998. Again, he did marriage on 20 February 2005 with the third one named Stephanie. Bobby Flay and Stephanie were separated in 2015 and divorced on 17 July 2015. He has one daughter from his second wife, whose name is Sophie.

You might know that media, critics, and fans are always looking for trending things about celebrities and famous personalities. Bobby Flay is also well known, and that’s why people are always searching for his net worth, recipes, restaurants, etc. In the case of his personal life, most people want to know about who is Bobby Flay dating now? So, let’s try to explore about his dating and girlfriend.

Bobby Flay Dating

After divorced the last wife in 2015, Bobby started dating with Heléne Yorke from 2016.  She is an actress, dancer, and singer in Canada.  Besides, she is working in a television series like Graves, The Good Fight, and Master of Sex. Most of the people thinking that Heléne Yorke is still in a relationship with Bobby.

Bobby Flay’s Current Girlfriend

Recently, Bobby Flay did one show, “Beat Bobby Flay.” It was started on 24 August 2013.  Basically, it was the battle of food recipes between Bobby Flay and other competitors.  Bobby Flay invited Heléne Yorke as a guest judge in Beat Bobby Flay episode 2017. During the show Bobby Flay said something like this; “I am going to tell you a little secret. Recently, I met Heléne Yorke at the Knick game. And since we have started dating relationship.”  We can’t say with the surety about the marriage of Heléne Yorke and Bobby Flay. Because, since early 2019, He has not been noticed in public with Heléne Yorke.

He said that he is a single

Here, we are talking about the last episode of Beat Bobby Flay show. Fran Drescher (American actress, writer, and comedian) was the guest judge in the last episode of this show.  During the Beat, Bobby Flay show Fren Drescher looked at Bobby’s hand and asked him, “Why you have not a wedding ring in your fingers? Do you have a girlfriend? Bobby Flay was laughed and answered to the Drescher, “I am single.”

Final Words

You noticed above that bobby flay reveals “He is single” in Beat Bobby Flay, and he was last dated Heléne Yorke. So, I want to ask you, “What you think?” Is he single or still dating with Heléne Yorke? Just write down your opinions and thought about bobby flay dating in the comment box.  Apart from this, If you are very interested in cooking, then you must follow this guy because his dishes are fantastic.

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