Which Institute is the best for certified ethical hacking (CEH V9)?

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CEH is a valuable certification which will enable you toidentify network security vulnerabilities and fix them on time. In India, you can find various institutions where you can go for CEH training, as per your current location. But, before taking such a big decision which can shape up your future, there are several things which you should take into account:

Undoubtedly, having a certification will certainly attract more placement prospects from companies. If you are trained by reliable institutes, then chances of clearing the certification exam will increase.

Here are some important points for choosing any institute:

1.Globally Recognized Certificates – The institute, where you are intending to learn, must be reputed. Then it will provide you with the quality of study material and better studying environment.

2.Authorized Course – They should have allowance to teach that course from the respective authority.

3.Highly Experienced Teachers – The trainers should be experienced and even certified for their course.

4.Advance Labs – The labs should be accomplished with the required material.

5.Previous Student’s Results – The training institute should offer the highest Placement chances and that too, with known recruiters.

Check the Curriculum Before Taking admission in any CEH Institute

Make sure the syllabus content consists of all these topics:

●Oracle database and more
●Hacking SQL
●Apache web servers
●Securing IIS
●System administration using PowerShell
●Advanced network analysis

Check the Approach used by Institute for CEH course

The course is aimed to provide dynamic classroom training enables you with the knowledge of scanning, testing, hacking and securing the systems and its applications. The course will provide you with an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge to keep a check on system’s security.

With the upgrading technology the threats to the security of computer networks and web servers, there can be seen a high demand of CEH certified. So, check whether your institute is focusing on every such practical and theoretical aspect or not.

Join Koenig Solution if its Reachable for you, here’s why!

The institutes like Udemy, Koenig Solutions, Global Knowledge,and Arizona InfoTech are few of the best-known institutes out of which Koenig Solutions is the best-authorized institutes in all over India.

●It is offering best training environment for students.

●It gives interactive, practical and scenario-based environment

●Teaches how to test, scan, secure and hack data.

●It will help you understand delicate nuances of Backdoors, Countermeasures and Trojans.

●The course will help you master advanced hacking concepts. The course content will include writing virus codes, exploit writing, corporate espionage, and reverse engineering.

●It will help you understand Honeypots, IDS, Wireless hacking and Firewalls.

●The program will cover the latest web and mobile technologies including Apps HTML 5, Android OS 4.1, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 10 OS, iOS 6 and much more.

Extras – Practice Hard

Apart from training, self-study is also needed. You can use the forum, community websites, read informative articles. Essential knowledge for CEH course includes basics of Networking, Web Technology, SQL, and Linux. Holding a certification pooled with practical skills will enhance your performance and compel you to shine in Networking and Securityenterprises with 6 figure salary. Additionally, it will increase the chances for you to get high profile placement and priority over those who are not certified.

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