WhatsApp Announces 10 New Upcoming Features

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WhatsApp, the mobile-based messaging app owned by Facebook, presently has some 1 billion users. The app has become one of the most crucial modes of communication for many people around the globe. An upcoming update (v2.16.18) of the messaging service will be adding some new features. The WhatsApp update is available to Android Beta user group and is also available in the form of a signed APK from APK Mirror. In this post, we are going to discuss 10 new and upcoming features of WhatsApp you need to know of.

WhatsApp updates

Call Back

So far, the feature was available only in the Android version of the app. This feature will appear on the app screen after a call is declined. Previously there was no such option in iOS. But form on, the option will be available for all iOS users.


After being declined by someone, or if the recipient does not pick up your call, then you’ll be greeted with a new screen with three options – call back, cancel and voice messages. By pressing the ‘mic’ button on chat, users could send voicemails to other users. This is similar to the audio message you send while chatting.


With the new Whatsapp updates, users will be allowed to send specific quotes of conversation directly. All you’d need to do is select the message you want to quote, a reply button would come up. Tap on the button, type a reply, if need be, then hit send. You’d be even allowed to preview the message inside the box. The feature works in both individual and group chat.

New Fonts

The new update will also be rolling out new fonts that appear similar to the Fixedsys typeface in Windows. The only drawback being, this is the only font available. Although great news, since we are all likely to be tried of seeing the same default font. But to enable the new font, user have to put backquote symbol (`) three times before and after the text. The whole process is too much work and tiresome.

End-to-end Encryption

The service has rolled out in most countries but with the new update will ensure all WhatApp users can enable the feature. Facebook Messenger too now comes with end-to-end encryption. Keeping in mind the privacy of users, the feature will ensure that only sender and recipient can read the message. There’s no intervention between, even by WhatsApp.


According to several reports, WhatsApp is about to bring the music-sharing feature to users. This service is expected to come to iOS device first. It’ll allow users to share music stored on their devices as well as from Apple Music services.

Mention and Group Invites:

The groups are going to function somewhat like Facebook groups where the name will appear in a different colour text. The feature is aimed to help users grab the attention of a specific user in group conversations. As for group invites, the new feature will help users send a link to other WhatApp users to join the group just by tapping on it.

GIF Support:

Many instant messengers like Line and WeChat already support GIFs. WhatsApp too will be joining them soon. The feature has reportedly been spotted in iOS beta version

Bigger Emoji

The app will reportedly come with larger emojis. We are speculating this on the basis of Apple’s announcement regarding support for WhatsApp in the upcoming iOS 10.

Video Calling

This feature was spotted last May on WhatsApp beta (v2.16.80 via the Google Play beta testing program) for Android users but seems to have disappeared in later updates. But since the news had so any users excited, and we hope it’ll appear in the upgrade.

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