What will be impact of IT services on telecom industry?

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IT services

In the past, telecommunication involved using visual signs such as smoke signals, beacons signal flags, optical heliographs, and audio messages such as horns and drum beats. Today, telecommunication has become totally digitised, thanks to electronics and electricity, use of electrical devices like teleprinter, telephone and telegraph, use of the internet and orbiting satellite, and the use of fiber optics.

IT has changed the way people communicate. Today, communication is efficient, fast and reliable. Today, mobile videophones, sms, chat, email, and digital voice are some ways that people communicate thanks to telecom IT services. Advancement in technology has led to the creation of internet which has taken centre stage in communication. People can now use the internet on phone, iPads, laptops, games consoles, and desktops.

IT sector enhances Online Telecommunication   

IT has made it possible for people to communicate online. Computers make communication easy through platforms such as Facebook, Skype, email, and IM chats. The many options of communication available make it possible for people to communicate from anywhere efficiently.

IT services

When you compare communicating to people through phones with communicating via computers, it is very cheap and efficient to communicate via computers. Some communication avenues such as Skype allow people to have video calls which make people to feel like they are connecting on a one-to-one basis.

Impact of IT services in the mobile phone realm

The number of mobile phones in the world is on the rise due to the capabilities that the phones provide to people. The phones can send sms and mms, take pictures and videos, to browse the internet. This allows people to communicate with others from anywhere.

Business people continue to enjoy uninterrupted communication with their staff and customers through mobile phones.  The staff can call, text, reply and send emails from anywhere. This makes it possible to sort out issues within a short time. There are also various applications which phone users can download and use for various purposes. Telecom IT services have made it easy for people from various continents and regions to communicate effectively.

IT sector reduces cost and improves efficiency

With the share of IT costs among mobile operators the total process related costs has dropped drastically. This has led to the reduction in telecommunication costs and also improved the efficiency level, clarity and visual display of calls and other telecommunication modes.

When you look at the journey of telecommunication since the olden days, it has come a long way and a lot is still being done to improve it. As a fact, IT is behind all the revolutions happening in the telecommunication industry.

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