What is The Average Age to Have A Credit Card?

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Nowadays credit card is part of everyone’s lifestyle. Mainly, the reason to feel like that, a credit card brings many powers in your hand. You can travel, dining with family, shopping with friends and all possible things can do without carrying cash. It’s a relief for the individual. Your credit card service is available by 24*7, that’ why customer care can also work for you. However, from the childhood, we know the fact that everything in this world has pros and cons. So do the same with credit cards, if you treat them with the responsibility you can have a reward. Otherwise, also can damage your credit score in front of leaders. That’s why, you should take care all your dues, outstanding amounts, bill dates and payment dates.

Credit Card Bill Payment
Credit Card Bill Payment

The appropriate age of the primary cardholder should be 18 years not less than with a spotless credit history. To have a credit card and their benefits, you need to submit KYC. The bank will provide you card after verification all your documents. Have to share with them Identity proof, Address proof, and Income proof. Income is essential part because it shows your credibility of payback.

After confirming your documents, you can apply for a credit card from an ideal bank of yours. You can fill the application form online and offline any method. Visit any selected bank web page and fill the details.

How Can You Pay Bills with Your Credit Cards?

Your credit card would be your best spending partner if you can use it sensitively. They have various options, can pay bills on time, check statement, shop, etc. Now we can talk about bill payment options. You have online and offline both options to pay bills on time.

Online Credit Card Bill Payment: Firstly, you can register yourself for online banking services, after receiving own User ID and Password can open your link for a credit card bill payments. Below are the networks of online services.

Net Banking Facility: If you have already savings account with the same bank, then it would be easy to get a link to an account and pay bills on time. For net banking activation, have to open link online and fill the details with documents. After that, avail to pay bills from anywhere and without late fee charges.

Mobile Banking Application: Mobile banking service is same as net banking portal. You just need to download App from your Smartphone and install in your mobile. After one time installation, you can take all benefits just like net banking. Pay the dues, know an outstanding balance, pay bills anytime, anywhere.

AutoPay Service: With this service, you can pay all credit card bill payments automatically. Yes, this service is especially for them, who has multiple cards and strong chances to forget to pay bills on time. What you need to do is, set standing instruction with a savings account of the bank. It could automatically debit the amount and drop an email to your inbox.

National Electronic Fund Transfer Facility: You can pay all your bills from other bank accounts through NEFT service. Need to add payee account number and amount and pay the bills before the due date from NEFT.

Offline Bill Payment Method: Now we can explain you offline payment option. For that, you need to visit the bank branch and fill the form. Every third person can use online process in this digital world, but it’s ok if you feel uncomfortable and don’t have access to online service. The bank can offer you cash or cheque deposit facility.

Cash Payment: Every bank also provides cash deposit facility, for that need to visit the nearest bank branch and pay the bills on bank counter. After that, they will give you slip for your future safety purpose.

Cheque Facility: For cheque payment, need to fill cheque with few details. Account number, payee amount and name. You can drop this cheque to ATMs.

When you can using these online services, then it’s obvious you can observe your transaction report. Through online facility also can view and cross-check your bank statement easily. Net banking or mobile banking site, you can thoroughly check where you can spend more, how many times can swipe your card and what is your credit limit? For all information, these online banking site is useful for you.

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