What is the advantage of installing wildcard certificate?

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Wildcard SSL certificate

Wildcard certificates enable you to run your website with a single SSL certificate across all websites on a single domain name.

A wildcard certificate enables a user to access websites on the web by entering any domain name. These certificates are usually installed for companies with multiple domains and will allow the user to log into their business website through any of these domains.

Wildcards are less expensive than the alternative. Prior to Wildcards, you had to get a separate SSL certificate for each sub-domain. That is pricey! Unlimited sub-domains can be protected for a fixed price with a Wildcard SSL certificate. Wildcard certificates are still more secure than a traditional SSL cert because they contain wildcard DNS names, which provide much better security than the Domain Name Service (DNS) provided by the Internet’s infrastructure alone.

Before wildcard certificates, you had to purchase a separate SSL certificate for each subdomain; that’s pricey! Unlimited subdomains can be protected for a fixed price with a Wildcard SSL certificate.

Installing a wildcard SSL certificate for your subdomains will save you money! The previous pricing structure for SSL certificates was to buy a separate certificate for each subdomain. Now we have wildcards, and that is an enormous savings.


Wildcards are even more affordable than the alternative, making them a great choice for start-ups or small businesses. The security that comes with wildcard SSL certificates is well worth the extra cost compared to the traditional approach.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

Why would you deploy a wildcard certificate?

Deploying a wildcard certificate allows you to configure multiple servers using the same certificate, which results in greater security.

These types of certificates are easy to install and use, and they cut down on the number of different certificates that you have to manage.

Wildcard certificates are useful when you have many IP addresses. If, for example, you have 100 customer sites in your network, each with its own IP address, it will be difficult to manage them individually unless they use a wild card certificate.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

How does the wildcard certificate work?

A wildcard certificate is a digital signature that lets you log in to multiple websites by using the same security key.

The certificate is used in other countries because it is more secure than a standard domain name. For example, many countries do not allow a domestic domain to be registered by an individual outside of a company. This includes methods such as registering your own company name but outside the country where you will manage the Internet site.

The wildcard certificate is like a special extension of your regular certification. It creates a more dynamic and diverse pool of digital certificates to protect your online transactions.


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