What is NATA and How To Crack It? – Everything You Need To Understand

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Students who aspire to make a name in architecture should start preparing for NATA this year. Cracking the exam is a bit tricky which is why one needs to be acquainted with a few tricks.

When it comes to competitive entrance examinations, it is a matter of dread and fear for students even if they are good in their academics. Competitive exams are known for their varying levels of difficulties. They also speak of immense competition as students from all over the country appear for the tests to try and grab a seat in prestigious colleges.

NATA is a competitive examination that is conducted by NIASA or the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture. It has its headquarters located at Delhi, NCR. It is a national level test that is conducted to provide seats to talented individuals who aspire to be making a name in the field of architecture in India. Prestigious colleges from all over the country that offer degree courses in architecture in their curriculum take part in the test. Both government-aided and private institutions are allowed to participate.

NATA study material follows a syllabus that consists of basic mathematics, basic English and aptitude test related to both free hand and computer-aided drawing.

What is NATA and How To Crack It - Everything You Need To Understand

The following account will talk about some generic tricks and tips on how to crack NATA that may come in handy for aspirants:

  • One should always ensure that they are following previous year NATA sample papers and prepare their study schedule as per those papers.

  • Students who have started taking coaching classes from NATA coaching institutes should keep a weather eye on the solved NATA mock test papers. These come in handy for those who have a hard time wrapping their heads around mathematics and general aptitude.

  • Since the test is focussed on the field of architecture, it is advised for students to ensure they practice freehand drawing on a regular basis. The first paper in NATA consists of a freehand drawing ability test. It is best to start small and opt for more complex and vivid architectural drawings later on.

  • It is always best to minimise or rather avoid the use of erasers while drawing designs on the paper. It will enable a student to be more confident while drawing and produce sharper images at a single go.

  • It is advised to visit the official website of NATA and take a look at the model question papers every once in a while so that one can get acquainted with the visual format of the exam.

  • The second part of the test will be based on the overall aesthetic abilities of a student. It will be conducted through a computer where the paper will be framed in a manner that tests the imagination skills, overall observation skills, creativity, communicative skills and comprehension of the student. It is advised for aspirants to focus on these aspects and work on those where they think they might be weak.

  • It is advised to plan out the test as soon as one gets their hands on a paper. It is best to opt for the easy questions first so that one can keep their confidence and use the same while answering the tough ones.

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