What is Ambulance Remounting and How Does it Work?

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Ambulance Remounting

A new ambulance can cost upwards of $225,000. For a small municipality, raising the capital necessary to purchase a new ambulance can be difficult. If you need an ambulance but lack a large budget, what are you supposed to do? Refurbishing can save you money while giving new life to old emergency vehicles.

Ambulance Remounting–An Overview

Ambulance remounting refers to the process of refurbishing old fixtures in an ambulance to bring it into compliance. Remounting puts old ambulances back on the road, ensuring that all safety standards are met. The entire process lasts approximately 45 days–it starts with a complete inspection. During the inspection process, pictures are taken. This helps to identify any problem areas so they can quickly be addressed.

Decals and paint are removed and all electrical components and the HVAC system are disconnected. The ambulance module is removed from the chassis so technicians can get to work.

How Ambulance Remounting

The vehicle is then stripped down, while all fixable parts are reconditioned. Refurbished components can include:

  • Chassis
  • Flooring
  • Electrical
  • Heat/AC
  • Cab Customization
  • Paint & Graphics
  • Hardware

After the ambulance module is dismounted it is moved into the Disassembly Station, where the entire box is stripped, including doors, windows, lighting, electrical, flooring, trim, upholstery, as well as sliding cabinet windows. All parts removed are labeled for easy identification and stored on parts racks which are organized by Job #. This process ensures that parts do not go missing and greatly speeds up the assembly time.

If bodywork is needed, the vehicle gets sent to the body shop. There it gets checked for any dents, dings, or rust. Any necessary painting will happen at this time as well.

After a new coat of paint and a buffing, everything is reassembled using new parts per the specifications. This includes new HVAC systems, new door hardware, new flooring, new trim and sliding cabinet glass, as well as new upholstery. The ambulance module is ready to get mounted back on to the chassis. Once remounted, the ambulance receives a full detail and then a final inspection to make sure everything was done properly.

The end result is a high quality, well-equipped ambulance at a fraction of the cost. You will not be able to tell the difference between a remounted ambulance and a new one. With our efficient process, we make sure that there is no wasted time and expense spent on your remount which allows us to give very competitive bids. With the money you save in doing a remount, you can allocate that money into buying new equipment.

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