What does Tijuana mean: Tijuana Netflix Release Date and Cast Trailer, Reviews

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Tijuana – the Netflix streaming Mexican thriller based story. Univision and Netflix co-production is streaming now. The imdb has given Tijuana 7.6 out of 10. Tijuana is created by Zayre Ferrer, Daniel Posada. Netflix streamed the debut thriller story from 4/5/2019. Know more! What does Tijuana mean?

” Tijuana is a Mexican city-based fictional crime thriller story “

Tijuana official trailer -2019

Tijuana series summary

Tijuana is a Mexican city based fictional crime thriller story, describing the assassination have been allegedly committed toward the journalist frequently the political parties. The concept is through the eyes of Mexican journalist, who are facing brutal things day by day. Though the series is fictional but creating awareness among the journalist.

Tijuana is a new concept-driven drama who follows a Tijuana weekly since it is investigating the hard-hitting stories. The story opening is the investigation for the prominent political person murder, by the Tijuana journalists who are ought to uncover the truth and risk their lives.

The theme mainly reveals the concept of Mexican corruption as well as the journalist situation. One the prominent politician is more slain and his nephew a young hungry and intrepid journalist who wants to reveal the truth behind his uncle’s murder. This series gives a brutal view of the journalist who faces the danger every day.

As per the committee to protect Journalist, it is said that the 30 journalists have been assassinated and slain in Mexico since 2009.

So it should be interesting and furious to watch the journalist who unravels the mystery. It’s a unique slant to show the country’s corruption status from the journalist’s point of view. On pointing out this covered truth, journalists are killed. Being a fictional series the archival of news reports and reinforce the realism of the country is captured in an awesome way.

Journalists around the world underneath steady hazard from who are seeking to silence their own disparities and lawbreaking; it is no longer a shock that journalists are often sufferers for massacre. Honesty and transparency is key that opens the door of several tight situations. Success with El Chapo detailing the rise, capture, and break out of a notorious concept of “El Chapo” Guzmán, Tijuana is created in such a way that creates expectations which need to be filled. Tijuana is really practical in showing all walks of journalism, giving an in-depth seem to be at special examples and patterns of investigation and interviewing from all roles of a newspaper team.

Tijuana comprises of the beautifully composed scenes and visual treat for the viewers. People who love thriller, Tijuana are worth watching out.

Tijuana star casting

Damián Alcázar, Claudette Maillé, Rodrigo Abed, Rolf Petersen, Tamara Vallarta, Eden Villavicencio, Martha Claudia Moreno as Antonio Borja, Federica, Mueller, Lalo, Gabriela Cisneros, Mejia, Lucía. Star casting of Tijuana has the intense in such a way add beauty to the role.

The background music score done by Gustavo Reyes, Andres Sanchez.

The Executive Producer for the Tijuana Series is shared by the three persons includes Daniel Posada, Isaac Lee and Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font.

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