What Does Biker Jewelry Stand for

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Doe Biker Jewelry Stand for: Just like any other culture, the fashion accessories in Biker culture is very dominant. It is an easy giveaway of the sub-culture their subject follows. As fascinating as you may find biker jewelry, you will be surprised to learn what it stands for and different elements it incorporates. So, pay attention!

It doesn’t Discriminate based on Gender
Jewelry is often only associated with women, but the biker culture doesn’t work on this discrimination. Biker themed jewelry stands as a symbol of freedom, loyalty, and choice. Therefore, usually, the designs incorporate the following elements:
• Skulls
• Eagle
• Angels
• Winged Creatures
• Automotive Parts
• Wolf
• Big Stones
These design elements are not gendered specific, and both women and men can wear these. However, we are not suggesting men wear chokers and fancy necklaces just because they have a skull on it. Instead, we are telling you to celebrate the creative nature of these designs but don’t throw the rule book out when you dress up.

These are Color Coded
Just like any social culture, the biker jewelry is restricted to specific colors. In this case, these colors are silver and black (as the silver color is used for skull rings). Sure, there are some other accents introduced in jewelry items now and then, but these colors don’t stand out.
Instead, the secondary colors are always dominated by base color which is usually silver (it blends well with the bike). Some bikers may go for gold, but anything other than Silver or black is rare in biker culture.
Jewelry is much more than mere accessories for bikers; it’s how they show their identity and choices to others. Yes, the jewelry is a clear reflection of the biker ideology and attitude.

A Sign of Violence
Although most people won’t admit, jewelry or accessories such as skull rings can be used to depict any symbol which promotes unrest and violence.

Biker dress and and accessories images

The jewelry can be a sign of violence even when it does not correlate with the person. It could be the result of how the society neglects bikers.

Worn and Distress
Have you ever paid attention to a  Biker’s clothes? They are never new and shiny. Instead, they are always worn in and comfortable. The shabby dressing is why they dress in distressed jeans and leather jackets
Worn out clothing isn’t the fact with their jewelry. The jewelry tends to be in better shape as compared to their clothes, and even guns. It’s not newly polished, but you won’t see scratches, scuffs or breakages as you would expect after seeing the state of their clothing.
The jewelry such as skull rings stands for their freedom and choices, they respect the symbolism and try to keep their jewelry clean out of respect.
The biker style has changed over the years; their design gets inspiration from the practicality of riding a motorbike for long distance.

Sign of an Outrageous Nature
The Biker culture stands for rebellion, freedom, and individuality. They embrace the freedom and bit of violent nature. These elements are why you see them wearing abstract jewelry items like skull rings and wolf-styled earrings. They are not the worst thing but do call for concern.

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