What Do Different Phases of the Moon Mean? Waning, Waxing & Full Moon Explanations

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What does your Moon Sign Mean

Are you looking for a psychic for love? Do you believe the world can influence your life? Then it’s time to talk about the moon and its cycle.

For eons, different religions have believed the moon was important. Today, magic practitioners pay careful attention to the phases, as they can influence the power of spells. If you’re interested in using magic or your own psychic abilities to guide your life path, you need to understand the moon’s significance.

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What Does the Moon Symbolize?

In many religions, including Celtic paganism and modern Wicca, the moon is a feminine symbol. It represents the Goddess, who passes through three life phases: Maiden, Mother and Crone. There’s also a connection to femininity through the cycle length; it takes 28 days for the moon to go from new to full and back again, which is the average length of a menstruation cycle.

Why Does the Phase of the Moon Matter?

The connection between life phases and moon phases has magical significance. If you want to perform certain magic, it’s believed to be stronger during a particular phase.

Of course, you can still perform a ritual “out of phase,” but it may have a lower chance of success. Magic requires the practitioner to enter into a particular state of mind; knowing that you are in sync with the moon’s journey can help you achieve this state of mind, while knowing you are out of sync can make it more difficult.

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What Does Each of the Moon Phases Mean?

Names that Mean Moon, You may get a free birth chart to see what the stars’ positions portend; understanding the moon’s journey is similar. There are four significant phases:

  • New
  • Waxing
  • Full
  • Waning

Names that Mean Moon, Each has its own stories, history and symbolism, all of which can influence a ritual.

New Moon

The new moon appears as a dark sphere against the night sky. Though the moon is there, the world feels the absence of its light. The new moon is a good time for banishing and cutting ties that hold you down.


The waxing moon is growing full and appears as a crescent. You can differentiate waxing from waning by imagining a line down the center; if the crescent is on the right side, creating an imaginary “b” for birth, it is waxing. If the imaginary line creates a “d” for death, it is waning.

The waxing moon is the perfect time to welcome things into your life. For example, if you want to find love, you can perform a ritual beneath the waxing moon to invite love in.

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Full Moon

The full moon is completely round. It is ripe and ready to harvest. The full moon is perfect for rituals that require the height of power, as you’ll be bathed in its most intense glow.


A waning moon grows slimmer every night. If there’s something you need to let go of, perform a ritual beneath the waning moon to allow it to slip away.

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