What Blogging Mistakes Should You Avoid As A Beginner?

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Thinking of creating your own blog? Huh! Great idea to spread your thoughts!

You must be excited whether you’re triggering blogging for your livelihood or you found writing worm within you. To become a successful blogger, you need to have a true love for writing, and an intensity to bewitch your readers with your writing skill.

If you’re not a passionate writer, it’s damn near impossible to be a great blogger.

People usually think of blogging as a no-brainer job. I still remember an incident when I replied that I write blogs for my livelihood, on being asked my profession by a guy. The guy rolled his eyes, “how can blogging earn your bread?”  “It’s such an easy work”, he said.

But blogging is actually a serious work. When I sat down to write my first ever blog, I found it harder than what I had thought earlier.

It’s OK! It happens with almost every new blogger. So be confident! Slowly and gradually you too will be able to carve your path.


Well! Finally, you’re all set to begin your blogging website. We wish you all the best for the endeavor! Despite many challenges, it’s an interesting and one of the most popular ways to share your views, ideas, and experiences with the world or your target audience. It’s true that you can also make some bucks by posting good and informative blogs. But achieving this goal isn’t as simple as it seems. Getting a high traffic and good readership, your blogs need many more things comprising attractive website design, the logo in particular. By using a logo maker, you can easily create a compelling logo on your own.

Before you start blogging, it becomes prevalent to figure out the various obstacles attached to it. It necessitates you to know what roadblocks may come your way, and how would you get rid of them.

Unquestionably, the world is witnessing a tremendous growth in blogging sites with companies and educational institutions around the world choosing it as a lethal marketing tool. As much as 77% of the companies globally increased their content production in the year 2015, a study states.

This growth has resulted in cut-throat completion in the blogging landscape. Survival in such as highly competitive market requires you to be more tricky, witty, and vigilant, especially when you have just got your feet wet in the blogging.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful blogger, you can’t afford these mistakes:

Don’t be a copycat

Why should one read your blog? Probably, the obvious answer would be – for the originality in your thoughts and ideas, and for the uniqueness in the style of your writing. So, always try to infuse new styles, and avoid any notion that has already been written somewhere. Readers won’t show their interest in such a post, and will probably leave the sites.

Write without a comprehensive research

Since you’re new to the blogging landscape, you may not have much idea about the blogging. It is always better to do some research before you start writing your blog. Read as many bloggers as you can to have some grasp on the topic and the style of their writings. Bloggers who have already traveled a long path can really help you. Take pieces of advice from the experienced bloggers. Learn from them.

Ignoring legal aspects

You need to be aware of the legal issues related to blogging. Why? It’s because you may walk into a legal obstacle if you commit errors like copyright infringement, defamation, trademarks, or illegality.

Trusting one source without checking it with other can be another potential threat. So don’t believe in any particular source or hearsay, instead, do a comprehensive research before you publish your blog.

Formal writing style

Yes, style matters a lot when you’re writing a blog. The tone and styles of blog writing are totally different from that of a technical, academic, or any formal documentation. The style in the blog should be friendlier, conversational, and filled with your own thoughts and opinions, and most importantly, a blog must be an interesting piece of writing that binds readers throughout.

But wait! If you’re trying to be a preacher, you’re on a wrong path. Treat your readers equal and be humble with a blend of humor and humanity.

Incompetent thoughts

Be creative while writing a blog, rather than just borrowing someone’s ideas. Let your readers feel freshness to rejuvenate and to create interests in your blogs. No matter how wise and brilliant you are, if your blog doesn’t carry interests, impressiveness, and adequate photographs, your blog may not get the reader’s attention. So make it crisp, informative and interesting. Don’t overuse, just get a perfect balance.

After all, you’re the person who’ll be adjudging how many pictures and the length of the blog are perfect.

Ineffective blog title

Your blog may be powerful, interesting, and informative; but if the title is not impressive, it might not be read. Readers first click the blog or any post that has a tempting title. Headlines must draw in readers’ attention and as per the search engine optimization. So some key pointers that you should keep in mind while writing a blog are:

  • Use words/phrases that are being used by marketers to draw attention.
  • Logo design should be eye-catching.
  • Include questions in headlines or put such information that evokes readers to read more.
  • Try to keep the title simple and less than 40 characters. Not only the readers, but the search engines to love such titles.

Don’t prevent readers to comment

Some readers will love to share their opinions with you after reading your blog. So don’t close down the comment features from your blog. If you allow them to write, you’ll get plenty of comments, some of which might be advantageous for you. Don’t afraid of negative feedbacks.

The ideal way of wrapping up a blog is with encouraging comments or asking for suggestions from the readers.

 Don’t shy to spread words about your blog

The promotion will be helpful to bring in more readers. You can use the power of social media to reach out to the maximum readers. You can choose the platform you’re comfortable with.

Besides, you can visit other bloggers to have some insights and to leave comments with your name, and also a link in them.

Restricting from guest posting

Guest posting is one of the wonderful ways of getting recognized as a blogger. In return, offer others for guest posting on your blog. Link to your blog would reach to others blogs. Additionally, guest posts offer readers a wide range.

Aforementioned are beginner bloggers mistakes they usually commit. If you want to be a well-known blogger, you should avoid these mistakes. You must realize that you can’t stop yourself learning. In the journey, you’ll find many avenues that you’ll go down as readership increases and the quality of the blog is enhanced.

Wish you good luck with your blogging endeavor!

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