What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Front Office Manager?

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Duties and Responsibilities of a Front Office Manager

The hospitality industry is filled with varied job roles and each one is equally exciting. What sets this sector apart, is that each day at work is packed with something new, as you get to meet different people and experience diverse situations.

The job of a front office manager is part of the hospitality sector and is needed in every establishment. A front office manager is the first point of contact for guests who enter a hotel and it’s your job to ensure that front office operations run smoothly. There are always plenty of job opportunities with a Diploma in Front Office Management as this is a vital role in hospitality.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Front Office Manager

The duties and responsibilities of a front office manager involve many functions that include:

  1. Dealing with guests and helping them out with enquiries.
  2. Managing, training and recruiting front office staff and ensuring they have all the resources they need.
  3. Scheduling shift times.
  4. Sharing information with other departments.
  5. Ensuring guest issues are solved efficiently.
  6. Keeping control of the master key.
  7. Keeping a financial budget.
  8. Checking cashiers in and out.
  9. Getting information from the previous shift manager and passing on necessary information to the next manager.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Front Office Manager

In this job, you are a link, as you connect guests with management and for this, you need suitable skills including:

  • Possessing leadership skills and managing staff.
  • Being able to multi-task and possessing excellent time-management skills.
  • Being able to communicate with various guests daily.
  • Being diplomatic in your dealings as you cannot be rude or unprofessional with guests.
  • Performing under pressure while keeping staff motivated.

You can easily inculcate all these skills and enhance them with a good course in front office management – this will help you to establish yourself early on in your career and climb the corporate ladder quickly.

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