What Are Common Things to Look for when Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney?

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Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

If your family has lost a loved one due to the carelessness or negligence by another party, and you feel the need to slap them with a lawsuit, what you will need is a wrongful death lawyer. Due to the weight of grief, most families get clouded, forcing them to make unsound decisions about selecting the best attorney for their wrongful death case.

Grief is a complicated duration, and going into a trial over a loved one’s death should be a source of consolation for the family. Choosing the wrong attorney for the case can be a double tragedy, leading to more unfortunate endings, such as case dismissal in court.

Below are some tips on what to look out for when choosing a wrongful death attorney.


Court cases often take many forms, and many lawyers will specialize with one subset. It is essential before deciding on the lawyer to hire that you ensure they have enough experience in previous wrongful death cases identical to yours. 

An experienced attorney removes much of the work from your table as they know most of the procedures to undertake in preparation for court proceedings and negotiations with involved parties. It is also essential to ask about the lawyer’s working experience in terms of years since they got admitted to the bar. The higher the experience, the better.

Additionally, a wrongful death attorney should have the skills necessary to navigate the complex details of any wrongful death case. They should be highly specialized professionals with expertise in relevant legal areas, such as wrongful death law, civil procedure, wrongful death litigation, wrongful death settlements, wrongful death claims, and wrongful death damages.

Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

Success Rate

A lawyer may have many years of experience but with a shallow success rate. That is not an ideal lawyer for your case. What you want is somebody who will assure you of a win, and the best person for the job is one who has a very high win-rate in wrongful death cases. 

When looking at a lawyer’s winning rate, look at whether they win their cases in court or settlements. Consider seeking clientele references to ensure you are making the right decision. 


The good thing about recommendations is that they are the perfect assessment tool for a lawyer. You can seek guidance from family and close friends who have handled wrongful death cases before. These references should give you their clear assessment of the lawyer.

A good lawyer will be glad to share references of their previous clients with you, so it is essential to ask. Since they will most likely recommend you to their good clients, it is crucial to look for unbiased opinions from their clientele online through various review forums.

Attorney Fees

Fees are a critical aspect of choosing a professional. You must know how much you want to spend paying for attorney services revolving around your wrongful death case. A confident lawyer will accept a percentage of the settlement as their lawyer fee commonly referred to as the contingency fee basis. This eliminates your attorney fee predicament.

Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

Their Team

A good lawyer will have a strong network of law professionals to work your case. This network can include fellow lawyers, paralegals, and law secretaries. With a great team, the lawyer stands a better chance of winning your case, since it means they have a vast field of experience and knowledge within the team handling your case.


A law firm or a wrongful death lawyer should have a positive reputation in the community where it serves. This means they offer good representation, clearly applauded by their previous beneficiaries and clients. 

A good lawyer should be able to show empathy towards their clients, who are often grieving. A lawyer with a good reputation should not have previous disciplinary action against them due to legal misconduct. Be sure to crosscheck your potential lawyer’s record while practicing law.

If choosing the right wrongful death lawyer proves a difficult task, it is advisable to seek help from friends and family members. The above tips should, however, make this decision-making task an easy and risk-free procedure. Talk to a lawyer to understand if your case falls under wrongful death.

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