Westworld Season 2: Samurai World May or May Not Happen

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Westworld Season 2

The Westworld cast and crew recently appear at the PlayFest 2018 at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre.Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, producer Roberto Patino, actors of the show like Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris, Jimmi Simpson, and James Marsden took to the stage and answeredsome of the fans questions. Inevitably the creators were asked about season 2 and the possibility of a Samurai World. While Jonathan remained tightlipped, Ed Harris said he was unwilling to wear a Samurai suit.

westworld paleyfest
James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood at the PaleyFest 2017

At the fest, fans tried to get things out of the show’s creators and when someone mentioned if we could have a Samurai World judgingby the glimpse at the end of the first season, Nolan’s reply was: “That would be cool, wouldn’t it?”

Ed Harris who play Man in Balck was at least upfront about not wanting a Samurai transformation. To a room full of laughing crowd, Harris said:

“I just don’t want to be naked and I don’t want to wear a samurai suit … and I’m saying that publicly! I’m a Man in Black, not a Man in a samurai suit! Samurais don’t wear hats!”

The panel also revealed a handful of other secrets. Nolan confirmed what was long being speculated. Maeve’ last move in the last episode of the season was not scripted. The camera movements showed that Maeve was being guidedby her own free will rather than any code.

One of the most, hilarious reveals of the panel was when Jimmi Simpson thought he was being auditioned for a remake of CHiPs.He appeared to two auditions and had no idea how big Westworld was, even after getting a role. It was only after seeing Anthony Hopkin’s in the cast list that he realized the scoop of the TV show.

The only thing that we got to know about Westworld season 2 is there’ll be a really creepy take on a children’s song, reports Deadline.

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