West Bengal Assembly Elections- What Does the IB Report Say?

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West Bengal Assembly Elections

The fate of all the politicians associated with the politics of West Bengal will be sealed on 19th of May 2016. This is probably going to be one of the most important dates of the lives of the people of West Bengal. This is because for as long as five years the people of West Bengal saw a lot of turmoil. So naturally the opinion of the people of the state got largely divided.

The 34-year-old rule of C.P.I.M in West Bengal that people had almost thought was immovable faced a huge shock due to the significantly changing opinion of the people of West Bengal. For the change of the 34-year-old rule, the issue that helped the Trinamool Congress was the one related to the Tata Nano Factory that was supposed to be set up at Singur. Whenever there is a change demanded there is an issue. For the State Assembly Election of West Bengal 2016, the biggest issues were scams one after the other. In the history of the politics of West Bengal, the biggest one was probably the Saradha scam, which triggered the anger of the people of Bengal. The anger was enhanced by another issue; that is the Narada sting operation issue. This shook the base of the ruling party to a great extent.

Violence prevailed over the first few phases of the elections this year, while starting from the third phase the central force along with the state police was seen in action and the election commission also took strict actions for conducting a peaceful election free from the rigging.

For now the tensions among all the parties majorly the ruling party and the biggest opposing force of the ally of Congress and Left Front. Even the people of the state are not free from tensions, because this time the biggest fear is that whoever comes to the power, violence will surely prevail over the state as an immediate after effect of the fight. The fight of ballots might give birth to fight of bullets this time.

Now coming to the predictions, this year the fight is said to be neck to neck. According to the reports of Intelligence Bureau, this time also the present ruling party, that is Trinamool Congress may come to power. The difference is not expected to be huge, yet the power might not change. This prediction is being given out because, though the last few phases were conducted under the high check of the central force, violence prevailed over the first few phases.

According to the IB report, this year the ruling party is going to come to power with some seats counting as huge as 184. At the max, 10 number of seats can vary. The scenario is more so because according to the IB report, though there were many complaints against the ruling party this time, yet for fighting an election a face is needed for every party. For TMC it was undoubtedly Mamata Banerjee but for the Congress-CPM ally, there was no such face.

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