Wentworth Season 5: Spoiler Alert and Speculations, The Cancellation Rumors Take a New Turn

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Wentworth Season 5

Wentworth Season 5: What would one expect right after the delivery of a breathtaking season of a television drama series? Obviously another intriguing and jaw-dropping portrayal of the plotline with the same amount of potency through a new season. However, the fans of the popular Australian tv drama series Wentworth were extremely dispirited due to the rumours that were doing the rounds regarding the cancellation of Wentworth season 5. Such rumours were popping up due to the non-attendance of a noteworthy character from the sets of the show Allie Novak which is depicted by the actress Kate Jenkinson. Nevertheless, Kate broke her silence on the matter after all the speculations had poured in. In a Skype interview with After Ellen Kate was asked whether she had already started shooting for Wentworth season 5, to which the actress gave a positive response, and indicated that the fans have a good news ahead of them.

However, the rumours associated with the cancellation of Wentworth season 5 took another turn when Curve Magazine figured out Kate Jenkinson hanging out with the personal trainers of celebrities Torri Shack through their Instagram accounts. Therefore, this could be another reason for Kate’s absence on the sets of Wentworth. And now that the fans have already got a positive indication from the actress herself, they are eagerly waiting to get more insight into the happenings of Wentworth season 5.

The last episode of the fourth season of Wentworth titled as “Seeing Red” ended with a lot of unanswered questions as Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack) death was immensely heart-wrenching for her fans. And now the viewers are eagerly waiting to witness what is in store for them in the next season after Bea’s death.

However, the drama series also stars actors such as Kate Atkinson, Shareena Clanton, Nicole da Silva, Pamela Rabe, Robbie Magasiva and Celia Ireland in the key roles. And each and every scenario of the plotline has been essayed by them with utmost perfection. Developed by Reg Watson, Lara Radulovich and David Hannam the Australian drama series created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers, as the potency of its plotline escalated with the delivery of every episode of the seasons.

The fans will be expecting a lot from the plotline of Wentworth season 5 as the makers of the show have already raised the standards of the series. Nevertheless, let’s just wait till the showrunners officially confirm the fifth instalment of Wentworth.

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