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Well Intended Love Sub

Well Intended Love Eng Sub About the Chinese TV drama, Well-Intended Love premiering on Netflix this year with both seasons available for the people.

Well Intended Plot

Well-Intended Love is a Chinese drama romance season that revolves around a third-rate leukemia actress who becomes involved with a company’s influential CEO because she wants him for treatment. Xia Lin is a talented actress who did a contract marriage with CEO Xin Li Zhou in order to obtain a bone marrow transplant to start her career as a doctor. The two end up discovering love, amid the conspiracies and misunderstandings they discover as they explore their connection.

Xia Lin has leukemia and Ling Yi is just the complement she wants for the bone marrow. The serious Ling Yi offers to give her his bone marrow, but only when she marries him and holds secrecy about their marriage agreement. Xia Lin embraces the unorthodox swap and the newly married pair handles their mutual partnership ups & downs.


In the dramedy, actress Simona Wang plays Xia Lin. Wang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and made her debut on The Palace with the Pearl Curtains, a 2012 period drama.

Xu Kai Cheng plays Ling Yi Zhou Dreamboat in Well Intended Love eng sub. Cheng graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy and made his debut on SOP II’s 2012 TV drama Queen. Cheng takes off his shirt an unnecessary number of times throughout Well Intended Love, but we do not complain.

Well Intended Love Sub

Well Intended Summary

Well-intended Love’s plot is based on a clandestine union with both sides taking advantage of their agreement’s legal environment; Ling Yi Zhou enjoys financial benefits, while Xia Lin aims to find a remedy for a life-threatening, ravaging illness. The bribery in the plot is hardly the basis for a dynamic, evolving romantic tale, but the Netflix show manages to pull the premise off.

Unlike other romantic series featuring two protagonists from dissimilar backgrounds, Well-Intended Love eng sub presents several obstacles to Ling Yi Zhou and Xia Lin, spanning from conspiracies and pair misunderstandings, rendering the 20-episode season a slow burner, with strangers seeking to unravel their secrets.

The protagonists are entertaining, which in effect encourages you to like the Netflix show from China. Ling Yi Zhou is cocky, arrogant, with a brush of pride, which he always faces to cover his sensitive side, whereas Xia Lin is chirpy, self-absorbed, and focused. Well-intended For always palms them off as polar-opposite, but their attraction is evident and long-lasting. Xia Lin is not a traditional woman. Because of the beauty she enjoys, it is clear that she will have plenty of suitors and rivals in lust. Xia Lin is beautiful, clever, outgoing, and accessible. She is characterized by her beliefs because she maintains honesty and does not despise people when they want to manipulate her. Xia Lin sees the value in others, so she finds it fun to see “Well-Intended Love.”

Well-intended Love eng sub is binge-worthy, not a waste of energy. The show is full of sweet, awkward and happy moments overall.

Well-intended Love eng sub

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